So in my last post I mentioned that I had a giveaway coming up.
The awesome team at COLOR ME RAD have given me the opportunity to host a giveaway for
5 (FIVE!) free race entries!!

And you don’t necessarily have to run the UTAH race with Diz and I.
(though it would be super awesome if you did!)
The free entry can be used for any race this year!!!!
Check out all the dates & locations! (click for link!)
Utah – 04/28/12
Virginia Beach – 05/06/12
Hartford – 05/26/12
Albany – 06/09/12
Philadelphia -06/23/12
Boston – 07/14/12
Richmond, VA – 07/21/12
Calgary, AB – 08/11/12
Vancouver, BC – 08/18/12
Indianapolis – 09/08/12
Columbus, OH – 09/29/12
San Diego – 10/20/12
San Jose – 10/27/12
Honolulu – 11/10/12
So here’s how you can enter…
We’re gonna give you lots of ways to enter because Color Me Rad and I are cool like that.
MANDATORY – Leave a comment on this post about why you think Color Me Rad would be the best race ever. The more creative the better. 😉 (+1)
Additional entries (leave a comment for each)
Like Color Me Rad on Facebook and post on their wall that Ashley from Ash & Diz sent ya! (+1)
Follow Color Me Rad on Twitter and tell them @Ash_and_Diz sent you! (+1)
Follow their Pinterest boards! (+1)
for example…
example tweet: I wanna win a free @colormerad5k race entry from @Ash_and_Diz! check it out!
example Color Me Rad Facebook wall post: I want to walk, run, and jump through 5 kilometers of colorful debauchery at a Color Me Rad 5k and win a free entry from Ashley from Ash & Diz!! (if we’re FB friends feel free to tag me!)
And I wouldn’t hate it if you followed my blog (+1) and/or  followed me on twitter (@Ash_and_Diz) (+1).
(leave a comment for each)

so that’s 6 possible entries. get to it!
Giveaway will end at midnight on Monday, March 26.
Now go show Color Me Rad some LOVE!


  1. Anna Ruth says:

    I think the Color Me Rad 5K would be amazing because first off, come on, how is paint being thrown at you and being covered in a rainbow of colors not fun? Secondly, it would be a great way for me to celebrate how far I’ve come on my weight loss journey. Thirdly, it would be a great boost to continue on my journey of living a healthier lifestyle.Now to go and add more entries via twitter, FB, etc. and to follow this page and your twitter page! I REALLY want to win this thing!


  2. Amy says:

    I’m planning on doing Color Me Rad in Calgary about 3 weeks before i’m having a baby so those throwing the colors will have a LARGE target 🙂


  3. Laken Mitchem says:

    For some reason my other two comments above are showing up as unknown but thats me! :)Along with the other pages I followed your blog & twitter! I know I’ve posted two previous comment sorry! We are so excited about this race, (Va beach, unfortunately, not your area) but we have gotten so much of the neighborhood & more of the school involved in this race! Whether we win or not we are definitely going to enter but we REALLY hope to try for some free entries! This will be an amazing race & were super stoked!!! 🙂


  4. says:

    I want to turn my running life technicolour!Seeing as it is the first Canadian city, and we don’t get many fun road races in Calgary, I need to win this to be an awesome ambassador for all the blondes out there that will most likely have pink hair by the time 5km is done! 😉


  5. simplysteph11 says:

    COLOR ME PURPLE with a free entry to a Color me Rad run!! AHHHH! Can’t wait to run through all that colorful awesomeness and then get stared at when I go to celebrate with a glass of champagne after!


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