Riverton Half Marathon Recap

This Saturday I ran the Riverton Half Marathon.
The morning did not start well. I totally slept in. Set my alarm to wake up in time, but I forgot to turn it on. So I woke up when my Mom called me to let me know that she was in the driveway. Good thing I had prepped everything the night before. So I hurried and got dressed, brushed my teeth and ran out the door.
Picked up Josh.
Stopped at the gas station to get some coffee. (gotta *ahem* get things moving)
then picked up Lindsey.
drove to Riverton.
went potty. twice. WOOT. (I know… it’s TMI, but I don’t care)
Met up with Julia.
Decided we’d run together and shoot for a 9min pace.
Well the winds from the south that were blowing 21mph to 31mph had a different plan.
and it was warm. Almost HOT.
I know the weather guy said it was winds from the south. but I swear. No matter which direction we ran. we had a head wind. It was tough.
Julia and I had the intention of hanging with the 2:00 pacer – but they seemed to take off really fast so we hung back a little and just made sure we could keep them in our sights.
The first 3 miles weren’t bad.
We hit the first hill at mile 4 and then the wind seemed to really pick up.
Running along the park way trail was the worst. It was so windy. and dusty, blech!
I had a hard time staying positive during this race. I would tell myself “You can do this” and “Just keep going” then the wind would blow even harder.
I asked my Grandma and Brad and Jim to “please, just make it stop” many, many times.
Once I hit mile 8, I knew it was not going to be a sub 2:00 race. And I was okay with it. I just told myself that I had to continue to push as hard as I could.
I saw Lindsey (not the one who was running, but the other Lindsey from work) about mile 11.5 and I ran over to her and gave her a big sweaty hug!
Then Whitney was around the corner right at mile 12 and she ran with me for a bit too, and really helped me push the pace back up.
Then, we were making the few last turns and I could finally see the finish line. And I pushed. and PUSHED. and PUSHED.
I finished in 2:02:59 (average pace was 9:23)
For reference, the reason why I look so fetching evil in that pic above… I was running at a 4:33 pace for that last part.
and I was chasing after a guy. I really wanted to CHICK his ass. I ALMOST had him. I hope I ruined his finish line pictures. LOL. My Mom said I looked like a crazed maniac. Pretty sure I sounded like a maniac, too.
We went back to run Lindsay in.
She finished in 2:14. She did SO SO SO good. It was a tough course and TOUGH conditions.
My Mom KILLED it.
She took FIRST place in her age group with a time of 1:51.
Here she is with her “Big Deal Big Wheel” Trophy 😉
Josh did amazing as well. Finished in 1:43. He’s a ROCKSTAR!
The whole fam 🙂
and the whole group. 🙂
Linds, Julia, Me, Momma-cita, Poshie
Overall, I’m not super pleased with my time, but still pretty happy with how I finished. I mean the winds were KILLER and the course is tough. And I did try to stay positive (which is new, for me!).
It makes me even more excited for the AF Canyon Half… YAY for downhill!
and kind of excited/half sick about Ogden… ugh. 26.2 miles? WTF was I thinking?!
Anyone e
lse race this weekend??

5 thoughts on “Riverton Half Marathon Recap

  1. Julia says:

    YAYYYY. omg. thank goodness you were there. i would have just stopped and let the winds carry me away instead of finishing that trail. i felt like i was on beach…except i wasnt. that sucked. haha! you were so strong ash! and that last pic of you is INCREDIBLE! i love it! so hard core! thanks again for running with me! we NEED to run together again soon 🙂


  2. Amylee says:

    Wind. KILL. ME. NOW. So so sorry that it hit you in this race! Such a bummer. 4:33 pace?! THAT’S INSANITY!!!! I don’t think I have ever run that fast. So cool. Good job pushing your hardest. Don’t fret Ogden- downhill! Plus, I just know it’s going to be perfect weather….. right?


  3. Rachelle Wardle says:

    You did great Ash! Everyone I know that raced was at least 5 minutes off of what they wanted. That wind seriously was so tough and you could have given up but you didn’t because you rock!!And you look freaking hott in those sunglasses. Love them!!


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