Olivia is a BEAST.
She’s been super destructive with her toys lately.
I’ve thrown away at least 5 toys this week.
so… being the super nice dog momma that I am I bought her 3 new toys today.
and this is what happened within 8 hours…
 monkey – missing ears.
“chew proof” fabric – Yeah… OK. :/
 giraffe toy.
Missing the ossicones (thank you google) and damage to the ears.
I just cut the ears off so she wouldn’t eat more of them.
the lion toy
missing part of it’s mane.
OH… and the little beast ate my shoelaces off my Nikes the other night.
Does this mean I can buy a new pair? I really want THESE. and/or THESE.

3 thoughts on “Seriously??

  1. Caitlin says:

    oh my gosh…wat a cutie but man, them teeth are out for chewing on anything!! hmmm, i’d be torn between being happy i could use an excuse to buy new kicks but also mad because she did, demolish, my nikes…hehe. 🙂


  2. Julia says:

    sweetest face ever though!!! and shell aint kidding about izzy…i thought i was going to kill that dog for a while…haha. but she ruined much more of shell’s things than mine so i guess i got lucky 😉 i have been lucky with my pups too thus far…they just chew things like paper. as long as its not my school work…i am down. cant wait to have a puppy playdate with that sweet pup of yours 🙂


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