Win some, Lose some

So, remember how I was super excited to apply for the NUUN Hood To Coast relay team?!
Yeah… well… that didn’t work out. :/
But you can check out the lucky 36 girls HERE
yesterday I was super sad about not making the team. (yes, I cried. a few times. don’t judge me)
today… I’m better.
MUCH better.
wanna know why?
about an hour before nuun made their announcement, I checked my email.
I noticed a special email in my spam folder.
“Primitive Fuels iPad Giveaway”
hmmm… I knew I recognized the company name… and vaguely remembered entering a giveaway.
So I opened it, marked it as safe.
I freakin’ WON AN IPAD!!
for reals, this-is-legit, WON AN IPAD!
I even tweeted them to make sure it wasn’t a sick joke. 😉
and guess what came in the mail ALREADY?!
this was right after a killer WOD at Elevated CrossFit – no judging the way i look.

The cool peeps at Primitive Fuels even threw in an awesome tank top for me!!
in case you were wondering, Primitive Fuels is a new company (local for UT peeps – they are in SLC)
that makes ‘cavemen’ style meal kits, basically, PALEO kits. 
You can check them out HERE.
And even though I had a bad experience with Paleo (you can read about it HERE), 
I am considering giving it another go, with a few tweaks, that is.
Maybe I could try some of Primitive Fuels kits?!! 🙂
so… the moral of the story is…
You win some, you lose some. 😉
(FYI: nuun-HTC relay team, I’m coming for you next year. be prepared.)

10 thoughts on “Win some, Lose some

  1. Lisa J says:

    maybe you’re only allowed so much happiness for one day – trade off? If its ANY consolation, a lot of my friends have run HTC and said its a HUGE, disorganized cluster mess and that Ragnar hands down has it right with field size, signage, and logistics.


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