Elevated CrossFit BadA$$ Pics

Earlier last week at Elevated CrossFit we worked on finding our 1 rep max Front Squat
and I got to play photographer. 😉
Check ’em out – – –
(she may look petite, but this girl is a POWERHOUSE!)
(is an animal!! Fo’ reals!)
(is kicking @$$ and taking names at Elevated CrossFit)
(is freakin’ insane – ’nuff said)
Tyson was showing us how to do a Muscle Up,
but I couldn’t change the setting on my camera fast enough, so I only got this one shot…
Luckily when Jared was going for it, I got some great action shots 🙂
(well – some of them are blurry, but you can see the progression of the movement.
 so you start from a hanging position on the rings…
swing your body up…
and over…
over a lil’ more…
and arms are fully locked out at the top.
pretty freakin’ sweet, right?!
I’ll be able to do a Muscle Up one day!!
Anyone who’s interested in coming to try out CrossFit at Elevated CrossFit, LET ME KNOW!
We are starting a PR Challenge next week and would love to get some new members to sign up! You have the best chance to win, since you have 4 weeks to train and a PR is basically guaranteed since you’ll be new to CrossFit! (You will have to sign up to become a member though, just sayin’)
If you don’t want to sign up (fine… be that way) but I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE if you would come cheer me on June 9th! We need lots of spectator support! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Elevated CrossFit BadA$$ Pics

  1. Ericka Andersen says:

    Finally added your blog to my Google Reader. Really enjoy checking out 🙂 Plus, I need MORE Crossfit in my reader! Glad we connected in the FF Crossfit group 🙂 Look forward to checking out how your CFE training is going before I decide to take the plunge for fall!-Ericka @ The Sweet Life (sweetlifeericka.com)


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