Elevated CrossFit PR Challenge & Sponsors

I did the workout Friday morning and finished in 8:06. 
I did the WOD at L2 – meaning a 12lb Wall Ball and using the blue band for pull ups
at Elevated CrossFit – we are now setting levels for modifications and time limits for each workout.
Rx’d – WOD as prescribed
L2- Intermediate
L1 – Beginner/Intermediate
L1m – Beginner Modified
Which I love. It allows us to work at a high intensity for our skill level.
Tyson says “Intensity is the independent variable most commonly associated with favorable adaptation to exercise. Intensity means keep moving! Staring at the bar, box, medball, or anything is not intense. Finish the WOD within the time limit and you know you scaled properly.”
And guess what?!
we have 2 sponsors for our PR Challenge at Elevated CrossFit!
HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to 
You can find ActiveBands store HERE
Follow them on Twitter HERE
and on Facebook HERE
I am personally a HUGE fan of ActiveBands and wear them ALL the time.
Running, CrossFitting, and at work. 
I love them.
They are comfy, super cute, and very affordable.
If you follow them on FB & Twitter, they are always giving out coupon codes. CHECK ‘EM OUT!
our next sponsor is something near & dear to my heart:

You can find FORD’s on Facebook HERE
if you are a Utah County local, you can stop by the plant
Ford’s Locker has been a FAMILY run business for over 60 years.
My Grandpa Ford started Ford’s 60+ years ago.
Now, my uncle, Russ Ford, runs the plant.
Russ does a TON of wild game processing, so if you are a hunter, take your game to him and he will process the meat into whatever you need! 
The BEST thing he makes is his jerky.
it’s AMAZING! 
Once you try it, you won’t EVER eat the crap you buy at the store!
They also do dog treats! In fact, Utah’s Search & Rescue uses his products for their dogs!
Again, if you live local, head down to the plant and check it out and buy the BEST jerky around.
I highly recommend the Teriyaki and the Sweet & Hot flavors.
his Turkey Jerky is also amazing!
And make sure to follow Ford’s on Facebook!


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