CrossFit Endurance & Ogden Marathon

My amazing friend, Lindsay, made this adorable plaque for me.
“I can do hard things” is my Mom’s favorite quote/running inspiration.
She was originally planning on running Ogden Marathon (her FIRST), 
but, unfortunately got plagued with IT Band problems, and on top of that
she’s been extremely sick this past week.
She’s been such a trooper and has trained so hard. 
I can’t wait til she recovers so we can see her cross the finish line of her first marathon!
OGDEN MARATHON is in 2 days, well, more like 36 hours (holy shit!)
and as most of you know I’ve been doing CrossFit Endurance for my marathon training for the last 6 weeks.
I haven’t blogged much about it because I have no idea how it’s going to pan out.
But here’s what I do know:
 I’ve never been physically stronger.
I can deadlift 175lbs
I can back squat 155lbs
and front squat 145lbs
My interval training runs have been amazing.
I had no idea I could run paces in the 6 and 7 min ranges (multiple times)
let alone run sub 8 minute miles during training.
I’ve only run on a treadmill once in the last 6 weeks.
Working out at Elevated CrossFit has made me mentally tougher.
I know how to dig deep when times get tough.
what freaks me out a little bit…
I went from running 35 mile weeks to 10 mile weeks.
I haven’t run anything longer than 6 miles in 6 weeks.
I’d be freaking out just the same if I had continued training the way I was.
I’d still be nervous.
I’d still worry.
so… it’s all good.
I’m gonna do my best to ROCK Ogden.
I’ve busted my ass at Elevated CrossFit and on my CrossFit Endurance runs.
I’m capable of running a sub 4:00 marathon.
Here’s the plan for Saturday
Have a ROCKIN’ playlist
yes… I’m a Glee and Smash fan.
Don’t be a HATER
I got a massage last night. 
It was heavenly.
I feel all loosey goosey and ready to RUN!
I’ll be using a handheld water bottle stocked with NUUN.
I’ve been drinking NUUN with all of my CrossFit workouts and hydrating before, during and after my runs.
I can’t decide between LemonLime or TriBerry.
Another thing…
I want to start at the end of the pack. 
I hate the chaos of the start line.
I feel like I start out way too fast trying to dodge people.
So I’m gonna hang out at the back of the pack
and start 5 minutes (or longer) later than the gun.
plus, one of my Docs that I work for made a great point. 
You’ll pass a lot more people which is a great mental/confidence booster. 
I don’t want to get caught up on pace.
I will mo
nitor myself for the 8-9 miles to make sure I don’t start too fast.
But then, I’ll be switching my screen on my Garmin to option 2 or 3, so that I don’t get all OCD with my pace. I’ll never forget last year at Utah Valley, when I crossed the half way mark after the 2 hour mark and I just knew I wouldn’t hit sub 4. The rest of the race I was SO negative. It got in my head.
so… NO MORE.
Just gonna run with what’s comfortable.
I know I’m capable of running sub 4, just gotta let my body do what it’s supposed to do!
BLUE was the winner!!
Anyone running at Ogden, look for me!! 🙂
I’m hoping the TeamSparkle skirt will be a good distraction.
Runners will comment, conversations will be had, I’ll forget I’m running a marathon. 
Right?! It makes sense?! (in my head)
It’s like it’s guaranteed to be the best one!
sub 4, sub 4, sub 4
gotta go to bed! 
It’s time for me to get some major sleep! 
Ya got any more tips for me?
Are you running Ogden?

19 thoughts on “CrossFit Endurance & Ogden Marathon

  1. Amylee says:

    I can’t wait to watch you finish!!!!!! You are the strongest girl I know- without a doubt. I’m pretty sure I can barely squat my own body weight. I love the blue, I love the playlist (AND ESPECIALLY SMASH!), and I love that I get to see you soon! Go. Ogden. It’s gonna be awesome.


  2. Madeline says:

    I am really interested to see how CrossFit Endurance ends up working out as a training module. I was doing CrossFit regularly before I went in to 1/2 marathon training and then stopped so I could train. I was curious about using CrossFit Endurance but was a little intimidated so I didn’t. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!AND you SO got this!!! Looking forward to hearing all about your sub-4!!


  3. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    YAY FOR THE BLUE!! Ash you are so incredibly strong, you inspire me to get my act together! We have to go out next week because I want to hear every little detail of how it went! LOVE YOU and you’ve got this!


  4. Ericka Andersen says:

    Wow, good luck girl! I’m really curious to see how it goes with the CFE. I’ve no doubt you have this — your mind is SO in the right place. I was really surprised to hear that you haven’t run more than than in the last 6 weeks. I had no idea CFE was so downsized on the running. Man…I will definitely be looking forward to your recap. GOOD LUCK! You will do amazing. Sub-4! –Ericka @ The Sweet Life (


  5. Rachelle Wardle says:

    LOVE the blue and no matter what you are going to look freaking hot girl! I love all of your plans and really think you will suprise yourself tomorrow. Just relax and have fun. You are strong, you are tough and you are dam well capable of hitting that sub-4!Best of luck!! I wish I was going to be there to watch.


  6. Monica says:

    That skirt is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I may be at Ogden tomorrow, if so I can’t wait to see it in person. So excited for your race, I’m sure you will be amazing! Good luck.


  7. Jason says:

    Good luck in the marathon! CFE sounds like a very intriguing method of training vs the traditional 40-60 mile weeks. Looking fwd to hearing how you do! Kick some butt!


  8. Unknown says:

    Some people are just not worth acknowledging. I think you look fabulous and I hope I can finish my first marathon in October as strong as you are. Keep it up!


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