the "BLOGWORTHY" post

Now that my wounds have healed a little bit from Ogden Marathon I can look back and remember some of the funnier moments from that weekend.
(admittedly, I still get a little upset when I talk about my run, so … we just don’t talk about it, mmmkay?)
BUT…ย the joke of the weekend was whether certain moments were “blogworthy”.
Everyone was giving my a hard time because I like to joke that I’m kind of a big deal on the internets…
(even though we all know I am TOTALLY not…)
{side note to my Momma – kind of like when I say “you’re not that cool. you’re not that cute. get over yourself.”}

the whole gang
JoJo, Momma, Dizzle, me, Josh, and Dr. Lloyd
definitely BLOGWORTHY…
is how my BADASS MOTHER RUNNER momma
QUALIFIED for Boston!
by 6 minutes!
(and chicked a few guys on the way to the finish line! yay baby!)
or the fact that Joshie got his first bloody nipple.
it’s like a male runner rite of passage.
After I got done with the race and Josh brought it to my attention, I asked him to show me.
and he just turned a little so I could see his shirt.
Umm… NO. I want to SEE the bloody nipple.
but he refused. Rude, right?
Anyways, the best part about the bloody nipple story is that one of the guys in our group, offered Josh his nipple guard.
I believe the conversation went something like this:
“Josh, do you need protection? It’s slightly used, but it’s yours if you want it.”
So they… uhhh… shared nipple guards. ๐Ÿ˜‰
and I love that.
it’s kind of like sharing body glide with someone… only on race day is that EVER acceptable behavior.
and IF you are a boy and reading this… you can buy NipGuards HERE. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Oh… and how about Paul kicking some major trash and finishing in 3:07:54.
Definitely blogworthy!
the fact that both Josh and Paul are running Utah Valley Marathon next Saturday?!
Who else is running UV Marathon?
Elevated CrossFit‘s PR Challenge is that same morning.
Hoping I can be at the finish line for Poshie & Megan and still make it to the PR Challenge in time!!

5 thoughts on “the "BLOGWORTHY" post

  1. Monica says:

    Oh you are definitely a big deal on the internet. Just tell your friends that you get recognized in public by total strangers – that is true fame.


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