Wasatch Back Ragnar

Yikes! How did I even get here?
I swear it was just January and I was being invited to run on my Ragnar team.
and now… it’s here!
I’m runner 11 on Team SOLID
Yes, that’s my OCD packing list…
I have my shoes, 3 sets of running clothes, comfy (non stinky) clothes,
larabars and PB, nuun, the stick, my voodoo band and lacrosse ball duo,
baby wipes, my fluffy pillow and my fuzzy blanket
my collection of electronics – garmin, ipod (x2), iPad, phone and all their chargers.
I will be tweeting and instagramming my way through the weekend,
so check in on me!
(@Ash_and_Diz for both accounts)
I’ll be running this afternoon, probably around 5pm,
tomorrow morning around 5am, then in the afternoon close to 4pm. (all estimated… so who knows…)
Don’t know what’s gonna be worse…
Leg 11
7.2 miles of UP HILL
or leg 35
7 miles of steep DOWN hill!!
holy QUAD killer!
and no worries. I’ve left copies of all 3 leg maps with my Mom and with Diz, so if I get lost, or die…
they know where to find me. 😉

9 thoughts on “Wasatch Back Ragnar

  1. Lisa J says:

    oh man you got the coveted leg 11. So all 3 guys that were on my Ultra relay team in May ran together on the Wasatch Back Ragnar 2 years ago. One of them had leg 11 and they said there wasn’t a single person who didn’t walk up the hill. He was so defeated bc he NEVER walks, but you would waste more energy trying to run up some parts. Knowing that everyone else is having to go through it helps mentally, but huge GOOD LUCK sending your way 🙂


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