Ragnar Relay – Wasatch Back RECAP

I drove up to SLC on Friday, met up with Chris, Alex and Megan at Tiff’s house. 

We waited around for our other 2 team members. Mark came, loaded up the ‘burb with our coolers, food and bags.

We drove to Whole Foods to get lunch and our last team member, Jon, met us there.
We took off from there and headed up towards Ogden.
We ended up driving up Ogden Canyon, the same route as the Ogden Marathon, suffice to say, I was having some flash backs (and not all good)! 😉

We got to the first major exchange and got our Van (or ‘burb) all registered, had our safety talk, and waited for Van 1. 

‘burb 2 peeps: Chris, me, Megan, Jon, Alex, and Mark

Van 1 handed off to Alex and VAN 2 was off & runnin’!

Alex handed off to Megan, Megan handed off to Mark, Mark handed off to Chris, Chris handed off to me, and I handed off to Jon. get it? got it? good. 😉
My first run was killer. 
Leg 11 – 7.2 miles Tough climb up Old Snowbasin Rd. 1830 ft elevation gain with 386 ft loss for one mile in the middle – which I flew down! I loved the downhill! The elevation gain was TOUGH. Everyone was so encouraging! I loved it. 🙂 
(time was 1:28:51, pace 12:14 – no shame. those hills were TOUGH)

Killer hill (up and down!)
Killer views.
Killer roadkills. 
sad to say I was roadkill more than I was able to roadkill other runners. ha!
Ended up at SnowBasin resort. 
Which in case you were wondering, there is very little oxygen in the air up there. 😉
We ate dinner at the resort then drove around trying to find a place to sleep. We contemplated staying at a hotel, so we could sleep in beds and shower, but it was way too expensive! 
My stomach was in KNOTS. I think I went to the bathroom 4 or 5 times. IDK if it was the running, the food, or just all the nerves getting to me. We ended up at some parking lot of some school. I was out of it. I was trying not to shit myself and not vomit. 😉 I probably slept about 30 minutes… I woke up feeling a little bit better, but still somewhat queasy. We headed out to our next exchange. 
my second leg was pretty decent. 
Leg 23 – 5.5 miles Run in Rockport State Park. Total elevation gain 429ft, loss 225ft. Beautiful run. Early Saturday morning. 
saw a lot of roadkill – literally. about 5 birds. an assortment of squirrels, skunks, and other animals. and 2 dead deer. yuck. But I was feeling much better and didn’t have any more stomach issues. Thank God!
(time was 54:14, pace 9:47)
no worries – Mark is photobombing me. 
our team captain, Tiff, had rented a condo in Park City (a SUPER nice condo!), so we had a place to shower and sleep. It was SO nice to shower and have a place to unwind and get re-organized. I think we ended up getting about an hour of sleep. Van 1 was a little ahead of schedule, so we left in a hurry! Thank goodness I didn’t forget anything!
Leg 35 – 7.0 miles. Severe downhill drop into Deer Valley Resort. Total elevation loss of 2066ft. With about .5mile of uphill in the middle (which I walked – my calves were hating me! lol). It was BEAUTIFUL. The best views on this leg.
The first 3 miles were so severe downhill that it was hard to even slow myself down. It hurt worse to try to run slower than to just ‘let myself go’ and let gravity take me. I had some pretty speedy miles there. when I hit the short uphill, i was almost grateful to just walk. My quads and calves were dying. I wished I could get my hands on some icy hot, but none of the water stops had any. boo. hiss.
(finished this leg in 1:07:50, pace 9:33)
when I took this pic I was shocked… I look sick!
1. I actually wore sunscreen, therefore paleness. and 2. I was super sweaty nasty hot mess.  

Our team ended up finishing in just over 32 hours.
I think our official time was 32:05. 
Our team did really well. Only one person in each van had done a Ragnar Relay before. We never had any problems with exchanges, and we stayed on pace (for the most part), and we had a good time. 
back row: Mark and Jeremy
middle row: Chad, Chimso, Tiff, Alex, Andi, Sean, me, Megan
front row: Jon and Chris

my first Ragnar Relay medal!!!
best team costume ever.
everyone wore skin colored spandex shorts and  neon thongs.
I definitely did a few double takes when they walked by. LOL!
anyone else run the Wasatch Back Ragnar??


7 thoughts on “Ragnar Relay – Wasatch Back RECAP

  1. Ginny says:

    This is the best recap!!! Lolol. It was my first Ragnar and I was runner 11 too. I so related to everything even down to the stomach problems and real roadkill. I did see a live deer on leg 2 which was way cool. I didnt wear subglasses and had dead bugs gnats stuck to my eyelashes. I hated the uphill at the first of leg 3. But the downhill was great. I ran the hills pretty fast cuz I needed to get to the finish where the potties were.


  2. Amylee says:

    Amazing job!!! I think being runner 11 is one of thd toughest. Way to go. You didn’t really answer in thd post- did you like it??? I know you have been kind of skeptical about them.


  3. susette says:

    Nope, didn’t run the Ragnar. I chickened out. But I did want to say thanks for saying hello to me at the American Fork Half Marathon. It was fun to see a few familiar faces. I hope you do a race recap.


  4. Keon (@DancinEngineer) says:

    Thank you very much for this recap. I am going to be runner 11 at utah ragnar this year and it’s awesome to read what to expect and what I’m going to be up against. Pretty amazing how much that first leg kills your overall pace! I’ll make sure to let my team know not to expect me up there too quickly hahah.


    • Ash & Diz says:

      Hey Keon,
      Good Luck at WB Ragnar this year! Don’t worry about your pace too much, your team captain should have a pace calculator for all of the runner’s legs. The calculator takes the elevation changes into account and will adjust your pace accordingly. Even though I ran slower (like much slower), I came in right on time according the pace calculator. And in all honesty, the last leg is almost worse than the first. Be prepared for the steep downhill, it hurts more than the uphills!


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