Elevated CrossFit's PR Challenge

How did I manage to totally forget to blog about Elevated CrossFit‘s PR Challenge?!

OMG. I’m such a blonde. 

We had our PR Challenge on June 9th. 

the competitions
the boys: Tanner, Chris, Alan, Tom
the girls: Abby, Kris, and me

Chris was an animal, and was only planning on coming to spectate. He ran the Utah Valley Half Marathon that same morning. But once he got there… he knew he had to compete. 🙂
Just as a refresher, the PR Challenge WOD was:
42-30-18 Wall Balls 
21-15-9 Pull Ups

that’s me! (struggling through the pull ups!)
Abby had the fastest time of the day (6:26) and improved by 2:15. 
Tanner had the fastest time in the guys (6:51 Rx’d) and improved by 1:24. 
Tom destroyed with over 3 minutes of improvement! 
I ended up finishing in 7:22, a PR of 40 seconds. 
I felt much stronger in the wall balls this time around… YAY!
Diz came and cheered me on! awww…
He even took some pictures for the blog.
(but I had to beg him – lol!)
 Our teens showed up and put on a good show with grit and determination in a hard WOD.
The Flinders boys owned and finished within a second of each other.

Dillon and Hunter going after it in the pull ups!
they are SUPER competitive with each other.
It was fun to watch them!
Once everyone was done with the WOD it was time to celebrate.
All the winners got ActiveBands and Ford’s Beef Jerky.
and then it was time to EAT!
Tyson had some great (mostly Paleo) food!
We had pulled pork, fruit and veggies, and mashed sweet potatoes.
it was so good!
After we were done eating, a majority of the boys decided to try muscle ups.
It’s unreal how easy some of the guys make it seem.
Like Dillon.
he’s only 11-freakin-years-old!
and he can bust it out!
I’m convinced Abby and her hubby, Tylor, make the cutest babies, EVER.
that’s Cisco.
and this is Tuck.
Don’t you love his “grouchy gorilla” shirt??
for donating prizes to our winners!



6 thoughts on “Elevated CrossFit's PR Challenge

  1. Faith Brewer says:

    You would love the Cross Fit by my house. It’s a small warehouse looking thing in the middle of a park with one wall completely open to the outside so they can do stuff outside and run along the path. Pretty cool. I always slow down and watch them as I pass but I haven’t had the courage yet to try it out but maybe one of these days.


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