Freedom Festival 10k

 I didn’t sign up for the race this year.
I just didn’t feel like racing…
But I DEFINITELY had to be there for my Mom, Joshie, and Linds!
and the good Lord knows I like to dress up!
So I busted out my red Team Sparkle skirt, my red & white striped knee socks and my blue Nike tank.
Had to be FESTIVE! 😉

I walked down to the 5 mile marker (which is also the 4 mile marker – it’s a turn around section in the course) and waited for my Mom. 
She looked SMOKIN’ fast in her new LuLuLemon skirt! (and she was smokin’ all the guys too! woo!)
I love the ruffles!
Saw Steph at the 5 mile marker! 
She was looking AWESOME in her festive tutu! 😉
My Mom did awesome! 
She totally DOMINATED the hill on 9th East!! 
I left her at the last turn so I could go back for Linds!
I caught her at the bottom of 9th East.
She was looking great. 
  She stayed strong going up 9th East and I ran with her to the finish. 
She did SO great! She finished in 1:03:58. 

Josh was an ANIMAL and finished in 46:14!! I didn’t get any pics of him racing, because I didn’t see him until he was passing by me at the mile 5 marker. 
(He was wearing grey on grey… umm… hello, you need some color!!)
I saw Holly at the 5 mile mark, and she was FLYING!
Girl was a speed demon and finished in 41:22 and took 2nd place in her age group!
AMAZING! (she was 7th overall female!)
My Momma is a BAMR (Bad A$$ Mother Runner for the acronym challenged folks)
She finished in 51:05 and took 1st place in her age group!
Had a blast cheering on all the runners and running with my Mom and Linds!
And I’m so proud of my Momma for winning 1st place.
She really is such a badass!!
Anyone else run a 4th of July race??
PR? place? have a dang good time?! 😉

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