Yogurtland Date with the cutest girls!!

Kim & Rick and the girls (Brookie & Syd) were here all last week. And it was awesome!
We had been planning all along that we would go to the pool on Thursday and have a girls day.
BUT… Mother Nature decided to change our plans.
We woke up to rainy weather!
(I wasn’t too upset, considering the majority of UTAH is on fire right now)
So we decided to go shopping and hit up my FAVORITE place

My mini-me Brookie-baby and I
Kim thinks Brooke and I look a lot alike
(and have similiar personality traits… aka we’re both complete goofballs)
Brooke will HATE that I put this picture up…
I gave her fair warning that I was taking pics for the blog. 😉
Kimmie asked for a cup to put her gummy bears in,
she doesn’t like that they get cold & frozen in her fro-yo.
I think Janae and her would get along GREAT. 😉
Kimmie LOVES gummy bears! LOVES!
Sydnee being a goofball and ‘hiding’ behind her yogurt
Kimmie thought I was weird for taking pics of my fro-yo…
I had to explain it was for the blog & she took it upon herself to re-arrange the fruit toppings to make it “prettier”. umm…. thanks?! LOL!
If you haven’t been to Yogurtland lately… GO RIGHT NOW!
they have some amazing new summer flavors –
Strawberry Lemonade Sorbet and the Mango Pina Colada
and if you need a date… just let me know. I’ll go anytime!

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