Great Run & Great Friends x 2

The fantastic Kara was visiting from CO and we were able to squeeze in a lunch date (at Pizza Factory, of course). Kara is the mastermind behind me trying Paleo and starting CrossFit.
So naturally, our lunch conversation centered around diet and CrossFit.ย 
We also chatted about how all of our mindsets about running & racing have changed (for the better – for right now).
I really (REALLY) wished Kara lived closer.
I feel like we could be real life BFFs
We could be WODKILLAs (or WODSCALAs) at Elevated CrossFit
and she could do my hair and teach me how to do my makeup. ๐Ÿ˜‰
p.s. ย Before our lunch date I had a pretty decent 6 mile run.
And I ROCKED it in my cute new LuLuLemon skirt.ย 
(which on clearance still cost way too much – but my Mom got one -different style- and I was jealous)
I thought for sure that my thighs would rebel and I’d get awful chub chafe.
but… LuLu got it right and put a grippy strip inside the shorts and they really didn’t move.
A-freaking-MEN, it’s a running miracle.
And on Thursday we all met up again because Julia is moving soon and we needed to have one last Pizza Factory date.ย 
P.S. Did you know she’s training for a 50mile Ultra Run? She’s insane. (but in a good way)
It was nice getting the girls all together and chatting about everything, moves, workouts, babies (hello?! Janae is due next month!) and food. We all agreed we need to do it more. Too bad Julia and Janae are gonna be leaving soon. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
So thankful for all the friends I’ve met through this silly little blog.
Is it weird that I met my hubby through the internet and that some of my best friends were once “internet”/”blog” friends?! Thank God for the internets. ๐Ÿ˜‰

5 thoughts on “Great Run & Great Friends x 2

  1. Julia says:

    awwww! this is such a sweet post:) i love it! im going to miss you and all the girls so much…honestly…i dont know what id do without the internet these days;) haha! and still totally jealous of that skirt! super cute!


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