battered & bruised

but I LOVE it

I LOVE CrossFit
(and I love Elevated CrossFit)
I LOVE the changes I’m seeing in my body
I LOVE that my box (aka ECF) is so supportive of my goals
Alan predicts that I’ll be posting numbers like these in 3 months:
Back Squats 225
Front Squats 195,
Overhead Squats 165
Deadlifts 250

and holy shiz – I really hope that comes true.

I LOVE that a LOT of us at ECF want to get our Level 1 Certs 
because we are all SO PASSIONATE about CrossFit

I LOVE that sometimes… my workouts leave me battered & bruised
it’s my #PROOF that I’ve worked hard and left everything on the gym floor
it may sound weird and little Christian Grey – but I wear my bruises with pride.
I smile a little when I look down and see them,
because I know I’m working on making myself a better athlete
what about you guys – do you wear your bruises with pride?

5 thoughts on “battered & bruised

  1. alimoll says:

    Battle wounds are the best! 🙂 I’ve got two big bruises on the tops of my shoulders right now, from doing front squats on Tuesday! Have a great day Ashley!


  2. Ericka Andersen says:

    Damn girl, that looks brutal! I definitely banged up my knees this week but I feel like you definitely must push it harder than me with all that going on. Props for keeping at those double unders. I can’t get msyelf to do more than a few before reverting to singles. Anyway, as always, you motivate me! –Ericka @ the Sweet Life (


  3. Jess's Journey to the Land Of Skinny says:

    Those are some fantastic bruises and the whip marks from the rope is awesome. I love bruises from doing something hard like a CrossFit work out not for the footboard of my bed that I keep banging my leg on! Those weight numbers are impressive. Keep up all the hard work!


  4. Megan says:

    Ummm. Not sure if you noticed, but as soon as I got home I started following you on instagram and was planning on finding you on Twitter and such so I could tell you we should be friends too. So you just beat me at the stalking is all 😉 I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you…errr..having someone else listen to me talk? lol. I swear I don’t always talk that much. That’s a lie. But seriously, you are great and we are now officially friends!Oh and your Crossfit stuff blows my mind. You are my hero.


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