Elevated CrossFit Summer Games

I had a BLAST.
This was such an amazing experience. 
We had a great turnout for our first year! We had 45 competitors! 
Me, Sarah, & Abby
21 Deadlifts at 145lbs
aka freakin’ heavy
So many WALL BALLS! lol
we used a 16lb ball. 
me looking at the bar…
thinking… “DAMN it’s heavy!”
and Alan yelling at me somewhere… “PICK UP the bar!” 😉
Alan deadlifting at 225lbs.
Jared, (or J-Dawg)  rocking his 135lbs cleans 
 best CrossFit coach out there!
I ended up finishing in 9:35. 
Overall, 7th out of 9 girls.
Not too bad for my first competition! 
The Competition WOD was
50m Sprint
21 Wall Balls (16lbs)
50m Sprint
21 Cleans @ 95lbs
50m Sprint
21 Wall Balls
50m Sprint
21 Deadlifts @ 145lbs
50m Sprint
21 Wall Balls
50m Sprint
(mens weight – 20lb Wall Ball, 135lb Clean, 225lb Deadlift)
Diz and Olivia came to cheer me on and they hung out for a long time watching all the CrossFitters.
Olivia was great and didn’t get too sassy. 😉
My Mom came and cheered me on too!
Holly and Steph and their families came to check it out, but just barely missed my heat. 😦
I told them they could make it up to me by coming to a class with me at Elevated CrossFit. 😉 
We had some great sponsors!
Primitive Fuels, and Ford’s Locker (click for links).

And none of this would have been possible without Van and Jenny Hatfield. 
So HUGE thanks to them!

I can’t wait for next year! 
I’d love a podium finish!! 

7 thoughts on “Elevated CrossFit Summer Games

  1. Stephanie says:

    You are amazing! I’m still so sad we missed you but I am glad we got to see you and momma 🙂 I will join you at Elevate one day. Btw, do they have yoga there? Great job on your first ever games!!


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