baby showers & a puppy play date

we’ve been having a lot of fun these past few days.
Janae is almost due with Baby Jacobs!
can’t believe it!
Janae has been running through her entire pregnancy and I really hope that when Diz and I decide to add a Baby Urie to the family that I will be as active as she has been!
p.s. I’m super sad that she is leaving to Cali. We only have a little time left. 😦
but on a positive note, I have another excuse to visit Cali now!
on Friday we had a Blogger Baby Shower.
Holly & Steph had us meet up at Jason’s Deli and we were all questioning why we don’t do lunch there more often. Their salad bar is amazing (and so much fresher than Pizza Factory!).
on Saturday I went to Janae’s other baby shower and had a blast meeting some her IRL (in real life) friends from high school.
and… I met my new BFF – Megan (the one in the green cardigan)
(I actually met her at the Yogurtland meet-up after the UV Marathon race – but we chatted a lot yesterday and even though we didn’t discuss it at the shower – we both got home and internet stalked each other (twitter, instagram & blogs) and decided we need to be BFFs now – especially since Janae is leaving us.)
wanna know who else is leaving UT?!
Julia – one of my ORIGINAL blog BFFs.
She’s moving to MN (aka where Ann is) on Tuesday.
Ever since we welcomed Olivia to the fam we’ve talked about having a puppy play date and since we were running out of time we decided to FINALLY have our pups meet.
Julia, Rachelle and I met up at the track for our puppy play date.
I brought my camera thinking we’d have so many photo ops – cute puppies playing together, playing tug of war, fetching her ball – UMMM no.
let’s just say I saw it going differently in my head, LOL.
Rachelle’s pup, Izzy, did NOT like Olivia.
It was almost kind of comical how much she barked and snarled at Olivia, and how Olivia cowered behind me.
Riley wasn’t a fan either. Zoey was kind of neutral…
She’d just kind of follow what Riley was doing.
Once they all calmed down (Olivia was so out of her element… new place, new pups, new people and she was being kind of wild too) we tried to let Zoey and Olivia play. I was worried Olivia would hurt Zoey – but as it turns out, Zoey’s lil legs actually move pretty fast. When I finally let Olivia off her leash she took off after Zoey and you would have thought Zoey was getting murdered. She was yelping and crying even though Olivia never touched her. She must have been so scared – like “holy shit this HUGE dog is after me”. just to clarify – Olivia WAS playing – there was no barking or snarling – only tail wagging. I promise she wasn’t trying to scare Zoey – she just wanted to play.
I put Olivia back on her leash and we started to walk the track.
It was so dang hot and the pups were WORN out (as was I – trying to keep hold on Olivia is a GREAT workout) and they really didn’t care about each other anymore. We did a few laps without any problems or drama. 😉
we got home and I put Olivia in the bath.
(she’s been a stinky pup for a few days and after playing at the track – WHOO – holy stink!)
she was so worn out she didn’t even fight me.
She just sat under the faucet like it was a hot tub – too cute.
we’ve just been bumming around the rest of the day.
snoodling, watching the olympics, snoodling and snoodling. 😉
how was YOUR weekend??
anyone else want to have a puppy play date?

5 thoughts on “baby showers & a puppy play date

  1. Megan says:

    Yep. Super stoked to have met you (technically, again). I see awesome times in our future. I don’t have a dog (yet) but I can always put my kids in one of those backpacks (aka leashes), pretend that they are dogs, and crash these track party dates 😉


  2. Rachelle Wardle says:

    bahaha I am still laughing about how comical the puppy play date was. I mean holy shit it was out of control. Next time we get together I will leave Izzy home! She is a monster and seriously needs like some major training school or something. Nonetheless it was great to see you and chat with you yesterday Ash!


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