Legacy Midnight Run {RECAP}

this race was a BLAST!
I drove up to Jess’s house after work on Friday and we hung out with the kiddles and her hubby.
She fed me a delicious dinner of chicken, potatoes and (way too many) veggies and dip-dip.
We talked a little about race strategy, but mainly it was about how much glow in the dark stuff we could wear. 😉
Nicole, Jess, and me
rocking the Team Sparkle skirts! ya baby!
I’m pretty sure Jess bought every single glow in the dark item known to mankind! 
We each had 5 necklaces, 20 bracelets, rings, and many more!
We easily spent 20 minutes JUST putting glow sticks on.
Her friend (and mine) Crystal gave us a pre-race goodie bag.
how cute is that?!
the race was very well organized and started RIGHT on time.
It was surprisingly darker than I expected.
I’m shocked that dollar store glow sticks don’t provide much light!! 😉
The very first part of the race was on a gravel trail (maybe the first .2 miles?? – minimal) and I was worried I was gonna trip and fall! But once we made it onto the paved trail I was fine.
It was so much fun running and seeing runners decked out in glow in the dark stuff!
all you could see was glow sticks/necklaces/contraptions bobbing along the trail.
We made it to the turn around point (3.1 miles – it was out & back course) and stopped for water/powerade. We walked for a bit and took off again.
I asked Jess earlier if she wanted me to talk with her during the run, offer encouragement, etc.
and she told me that I didn’t have to talk. LOL. Got it.
The trail was too narrow to have 3 of us run side by side, especially for an out & back course,
so I ran ahead of Nicole & Jess and tried to keep a steady pace.
We took another walk break around mile 4.
Jess was experiencing some hip pain & tightness and I told her to power through and that I’d show her the BEST hip stretch when we got done. Nicole was having some tummy issues, too. The whole fueling before a night race is hard to perfect (which is why I made Jess feed me at 6pm.) – you want to eat close enough to the race start to make sure you have energy, but still have enough time to *ahem* go before the race.
We got going again and pushed through to the finish.
I told Jess she had to pass at least one person going to the finish line –
luckily, there was one lady that I spotted and told Jess “PASS HER, now!” and she did!
We crossed the finish line in 1:16 (for an average pace of 12:15).
I am SO incredibly proud of Jess.
She did SO well!
and now she’s signed up to run the Utah Half Marathon in October.
and you can bet your booty that I’ll be there to cheer her on (and maybe run the last few miles with her!)
p.s. Yet another reason why I love the internet/blog-stalking:
Lisa and Me
I got to meet fellow blogger, Lisa from Because I can…
we were supposed to run the CO Ragnar together – but Ragnar was a b!tch and changed the dates on us, so we never got to run together. But since Lisa is a running BOSS and has the goal to run a half marathon in all 50 states, I got to meet her Friday night!
She’s a sweet heart and promised that she’d come back to Utah and run another race soon. 🙂
Did anyone else run this race?!

5 thoughts on “Legacy Midnight Run {RECAP}

  1. Megan says:

    What a fun race! I bet your friend was so glad that you were there to push her and be her cheerleader at the same time.And how the frick do you look so cute at the end of a run? I look like death!


  2. Lisa J says:

    it was so great to meet you ashley, again i’m so appreciative you stuck around to cheer me to the finish. I’ll definitely be back to Utah to run a day race— whenever that may be, you’ll be one of the first to know 🙂 PS (your photo is much better quality than mine so I’m going to use that one in my blog post)


  3. Kira says:

    Utah Half Marathon in October? Hmmmm… Maybe *I* should run this. Great job guys. Ashley you are hilarious.. btw I love the skirts you are always rockin, where do you get all of them? I’ve always wanted to wear a skirt, but I have a hard time dishin out the $$$. Know any places that are affordable?


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