new way to run & yogurtland

Yesterday I ran 10 miles. 
I had plans to leave the house at 6am. and well…
going to bed after midnight meant that I didn’t actually leave the house til 7:15. oh well. 
It actually wasn’t too hot. 
my first mile was fine, but I was really slowing down during the 2nd mile.
My legs just felt heavy and blah.

so I decided to give the run/walk method a shot. I’ve heard great things about it, honest. 
But there is just something about the “walking” that gets to you. 
My running has been less than stellar lately. 
Which is fine. I’m focusing on CrossFit. 
and I’m happy with that. extremely happy with that.
but I tell you WHAT.
My run went SO much better incorporating the run/walk method.
I’ve never really read anything about the run/walk method so I have no idea if I did it right…
but I ran a mile, walked a minute, ran a mile, walked a minute, so on.
Of course, my overall pace slowed, but I FELT so much better during the run portion and didn’t feel like ASS when I was done. I felt like I could push myself during the runs, knowing that I got that minute walk break. I pushed myself up hills that I usually struggle with. 
I was pretty proud of myself when I was done. 
I even thought – if (IF) I ever run another marathon, I would seriously consider using the run/walk method. 
I might need to get one of those GymBoss interval timers that BlondePonytail is always talking about. 
or figure out if my Garmin will beep at certain intervals. 
after my run I got a message from Janae.
She wanted to go to Yogurtland one more time before she moves to Cali.
I was more than happy to oblige. 😉
Stephanie and Holly joined us as well. 
We chatted about BabyJacobs and how we all wish she would stay so we could snoodle her before she moves, running, training, our hubbies, the normal Yogurtland conversation. 😉
I’m totally digging Yogurtland’s summer flavors
Strawberry Lemonade sorbet and Mango Pina Colada
so dang good. SO YUMMY.
and even yummier when smothered in fresh mango, pineapple and raspberries!
(and sour gummy worms – but I ate those before the pic. lol)
and we’re just not going to talk about how Janae is moving to Cali tomorrow.
nope… not gonna talk about it.
do you use the run/walk method?
love it? 
do you love yogurtland as much as i do?

9 thoughts on “new way to run & yogurtland

  1. Jen says:

    I do the run/walk method and find that it helps keep me from burning myself out too early on my runs. Definitely a personal preference as some people feel that the walk throws them off their groove, but it works for me 🙂 good luck!


  2. Stephanie says:

    It’s always fun to see you! I did the run/walk method when I first started running and I liked it a lot. 10 miles is pretty awesome especially seems how you haven’t been running a ton lately. Thanks for being such an entertaining gal 🙂


  3. Jamie says:

    There’s a free gymboss iPhone app! I used it when I had to incorporate walk intervals when injured. I’m sure the actual gymboss has some added convenience but the app worked great for me.


  4. Jamie says:

    Oh also, on Jeff galloway’s site there’s a calculator that will computer what run/walk intervals you should be running and what pace your running and walking should be for whatever your overall goal pace is. It was interesting!


  5. Lizzie says:

    I am a new runner and just learning everything I possibly can about running. I always feel like such a looser if I have to walk during my runs and it totally flushes my mental attitude down the drain. On my longer runs I have started implementing the run/walk system and it is actually cutting about 90 seconds off per mile. Amazing!! 🙂


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