Have I told you lately just how much I love CrossFit?!
More specifically how much I love Elevated CrossFit?
Last thursday, after a killer WOD
((Push Press 5×10 75lbs Then: Tabata Bottom to bottom squats & Tabata Pullups & Tabata KB swings))
Alan and I did weighted sit ups 3 x 10 with 35lb and 7 extra with 45lb plate AND then double under practice
I know… I look like I’m having a stroke.
I assure you – I’m fine.
I don’t know what it is, but lately there have been some GREAT WODs.
Like kick-your-butt, make-you-sweat, make-you-scream WODs
and I’ve ENJOYED them.
and I’ve seen some huge progress with some of my lifts.
Like last Friday,
we did 5×5 Heavy Deadlifts (85-105-125-145-165lbs) 
then 5 rounds for time 
5 Clean High Pulls – 125lbs 
400 m run 
and I finished in 14:45

best part about this WOD 
165lbs for a Deadlift was a ONE rep max, not that long ago.
and Clean High Pulls at 125lb?!
holy sh!t I can’t wait to go for a one rep max on a CLEAN!
oh I’m dying to go for it!!
2 weeks ago we did a team relay sled drag
Our teams consisted of 2 boys & 2 girls, well our team was short one guy so I got (more like volunteered! HELL YES!) to do the men’s weight (225lbs). Each team member had to do 5 drags each AND hold plank position while you wait. I don’t know when we finished, but I felt like a BAD ASS chick since I did the men’s weight!

I LOVE to #getafterit and PUSH myself to the LIMIT.
I love a little (ok… a lot) competition every now and then.
I LOVE it when my fellow ECF peeps refer to me as the resident bad-A girl (ok… so it’s just Alan, but still!)
Or how about last Tuesday when the WOD was
WOD: Press 5×10 at 45lbs
Then, AMRAP in 2 Min of Power Cleans at 115lbs – I got 14.
about a month ago, my 1 rep max on cleans was 115lbs – so I was incredibly STOKED that I got 14 of them in 2 mins. 
All I can remember is how I struggled with the 95lb cleans at the Elevated CrossFit Summer Games. and less than a month later I’m rocking them at 115lbs?!
Oh those wonderful double unders (said no one ever…)
Elevated CrossFit is putting on a double under challenge this month and we have to practice our double unders for 10 minutes after EVERY class. We’re supposed to get 100 double unders – but for the DU challenged (like myself) – we get a 10 minute time limit.
If we skip a double under practice – we put a dollar into the equipment fund.
So far, in the last 2 weeks, I’ve only donated ONE dollar. 😉
this is still a skill that I seriously STRUGGLE with.
So I’ve been working on single unders – speed and landing, trying to touch my heels (I had horrid calf cramps and soreness in the beginning) and also working on one-legged single unders. It’s supposed to help with double unders…
I’m really hoping that by the end of August, something will have clicked and I’ll be able to complete the 100 double unders in the 10 minutes (or faster!).
p.s. Wanna know what makes CrossFit even more enjoyable?
the right workout clothes!
Did you notice my awesome Reebok gear in my photos?
the seamless long bra (or tank) is so soft and fits just right. Not too tight, not too loose.
I can move freely and do any CrossFit WOD without tugging and pulling on it.
Plus – it has RealVent technology to allow my sweat (and I am a sweaty beast during CrossFit) to evaporate quickly which helps me cool down faster and helps me avoid chafing.
the seamless capri tight fit my body perfectly!
I could squat, burpee, sit-up, or pull-up and I never felt like they restricted me. They never shifted or sagged. They felt (and looked) GREAT!
And they also have the RealVent technology (behind the knees) to help cool me down quick!
and my new shoes! RealFlex Fusion TR!
OMG. Love these shoes.
They are very comfortable (though I did adjust the lacing, I have a wide foot) and feels like there are little jet-puffed marshmallows on the bottom.
And the colors – aubergine and vitamin c
so bright and colorful!
I’ve yet to take them on a run (besides short distance sprints at ECF), but I’m planning on taking them for a spin tomorrow! WOOT!
These babies are light weight and those little marshmallows on the bottom, well, Reebok calls them multi-directional flex nodes, allow for natural motion for running, jumping and stretching.
Who else out there has been loving their CrossFit WODs lately?
I know ChefKatelyn and BlondePonytail are KILLIN it in their respective boxes.
Anyone else have a fitness fashion crush on Reebok?
I have a wish list going on the Reebok site full of shoes and clothes.
* hint to Diz – my birthday is next week 😉 *
**disclosure: Reebok supplied me with this AWESOME outfit & shoes at no cost to me.
 All the opinions expressed in this post are my own.**

15 thoughts on “#GetAfterIt

  1. katelynblock says:

    WOO WOOOOO! get it girl!!!! I’m still struggling to get a double-under which drives me CRAZY, but lifting to find one-rep max is literally my favorite thing. It’s like, let’s see how heavy I can make this without falling over. Hehe I love it so much.


  2. Carrie Skoll says:

    You do look like the resident Bad-A. So awesome!!!I haven’t been to a box, but have done a CF workout with a policeofficer friend of mine and she kicked my butt. Love all the clothes!!You’ve totally got the double unders!! Awesome challenge.


  3. Wymberley Pfalmer says:

    yesterday I worked on my 3 rep max on squat cleans. I got to 85 before I screwed my form on #2. Not sure what my one rep max is but my power clean in around 100. I have been having so much fun finding max lately! Looks like you are having great success. I love weighted sit-ups, they are my favorite!!


  4. Leigh says:

    Get it girl! You are looking so strong! It’s amazing how much we can change/improve in just a month’s time! I took a week off so I am just getting back into a CrossFit routine. Really hoping for a lifting day…sometimes I crave those so badly!


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