Hobble Creek Half Marathon Recap

We ran the Hobble Creek Half Marathon on Saturday.
My Mom and Joanna had a goal to come in under 1:45, 
Josh wanted to PR, 
and I just wanted to look good while I ran. 😉
and ALL of us accomplished our goals!
Ya BABY! That’s what’s up! 😉
outfit: Costco tank, Team Sparkle Skirt (with my LuLu skirt underneath – it has shorts built in), 
ActiveBand headband, Mizuno WavePrecision, and Nike Miler sunglasses.
I waited for the crowds to cross the start line and took off. 
I really like doing that at chip-timed races because it gives me the freedom to move easily for the first mile – rather than fight through crowds and get caught up with a faster pace group and end up going out too fast.
I kept my pace fairly steady for the entire race (right around 9:00 min mile) and only walked through the water stops and a few pit stops to adjust my skirt/shorts. 😉
I felt good through the entire race, gu’d at mile 6 and mile 10.
I knew I was gonna be close to 2 hours and really wanted to come in under 2:00, so when I hit the 12 mile marker, I picked up my pace. I think I passed more people in that mile than during the entire race. 
I saw Lindsay and my Mom & Joshie out of the corner of my eye as I was passing by the park to the finish.
My Mom jumped in with me for a bit and ran with me, but I spotted a guy in front of me and took off to try to beat him. He must have heard me coming because he sped up too! I couldn’t quite catch him! lol. But I certainly tried! 🙂
I finished in 2:00:18
(overall 9:10 pace)

this bad ass mother runner ^^^
finished in 1:43!!
a 2 minute PR!!
and looked dang cute in her LuLu skirt!
She ended up in 5th place in her age group.
Last year – she placed top 3 with a slower time!
so this year… there were some SPEEDY mother runners!
Joanna was right in front of my Momma and finished in 1:42!!
and this BAD ASS brother runner
finished with a screamin’ time of 1:35!!
and a 5 min PR!!!
I am so proud of him!
He is kickin’ butt this summer!
AND he finished in the Top 100 males – so he got a special elite medal!
(p.s. LADIES – he’s single and ready to mingle… anyone interested?!) 
Huge thanks to Miss Lindsay who came out to be our official finish line photographer!

I just LOVE that girl. She has always been so supportive of us and credits us for getting her into running. I can’t wait til she races again so we can be there for HER. 🙂

love ya girl!

Did anyone else run Hobble Creek?
Were you as excited as we were that it ACTUALLY started on time?!
It was a race day MIRACLE! 😉
Anyone else ever race in a skirt?
I think I’m obsessed. I need to start rockin’ my TeamSparkle skirts at CrossFit. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Hobble Creek Half Marathon Recap

  1. Monica says:

    There were some super fast people this year. My dad usually places. This year he was fourth in his age category. The winner of his category, male 60-64, ran it in 1:29. What? That is crazy fast. Glad you had a good race. I accomplished the looking good so I consider it a success.


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