Inspiration – Holley Mangold

Tyson shared this on the Elevated CrossFit website a few days ago.

and I LOVE IT.

She proved to everyone that she could get to the Olympics in 2012, when she wasn’t expected to go until 2016/2020.

Her confidence is infectious! I love that she said “You’re the only one that controls whether you’re confident or not.” and “If you start thinking you’re awesome, other people are gonna start thinking it too.”

I can definitely learn a thing or two from her. I have days (and I think we all do) where I feel like a million bucks, whether I kick butt during a WOD, get complimented at work, whatever. But then, there are days when I have a less than stellar WOD (or run), have a bad day at work or something and my confidence goes down. I need to realize that I’m still “awesome” no matter what. Good or bad. If I’m confident I can DO ANYTHING!

I can do anything I want.
I can set goals and #getafterit.

I will master double unders. I will do a handstand push up. I will do a muscle up. I will do strict (unassisted) pull ups.
I will get a Back Squat over 200lbs. I will get get a C&J over 150lbs. I will Snatch 135lbs.

someday. I’ll reach some of these goals soon (I hope). And some… not for a while.

But I will constantly push myself. I’m confident that I will get there. 🙂

Who inspires you? What are  your goals?


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