how to prep for the Whole Life Challenge via @Ash_and_Diz

how to prep for the Whole Life Challenge

Diz and I are starting the Whole Life Challenge on Saturday with our gym – Elevated CrossFit.

how to prep for the Whole Life Challenge via @Ash_and_Diz

We will basically be eating a ton of lean meats and fish, eggs, veggies and fruit, and healthy fats. We will be cutting out all added sugar (real or substitute -see my Breaking Up With Equal post for reasons why), processed foods (aka “franken foods”), soy, soda, alcohol, and coffee creamer (*SOB*) among a long list of other things.

But this challenge is NOT about what we CAN’T have.
It’s about what we DO get to eat. It’s about CHANGING OUR LIVES for the better.
Learning first hand how foods can affect our health and performance in the gym. 

I’ve completely wiped our pantry clear of crap.
Last weekend I got rid of pancake mix, chips, syrup, chocolate syrup, splenda, and all my diet hot chocolate and crystal light mixes.
(Diz did restock some cereal – just for this week. We’ve had quite a few “last meals” for him. But it’s fine. I’m so happy he’s doing the challenge with me that I don’t even care what this week is like!)

 how to prep for the Whole Life Challenge - lots of protein via @Ash_and_Diz

I’ve gone shopping at Costco and Sprouts (formerly Sunflower Market).
I stocked up on meat – chicken, ground beef, ground turkey and tilapia.
I’ve got lots of fruit and veggies.
Enough almonds to feed all of Springville.
And coconut oil.  The biggest jar of coconut oil I’ve ever seen.
AND I bought ghee! aka dairy free butter. aka – freakin’ expensive dairy free butter.

 how to prep for the Whole Life Challenge - lotsa almonds via @Ash_and_Diz

how to prep for the Whole Life Challenge - ghee via @Ash_and_Diz

I’ve stocked up on some Larabars (not pictured) and Primitive Fuels.
Remember when I won the iPad? Well, Jon from Primitive Fuels was awesome enough to send me (and Elevated CrossFit) some samples.
I’ve been saving (aka hoarding) them for the challenge.
The Primitive Fuels packs are awesome. Great jerky (turkey or beef) and raw nuts & dried berries.
They come in separate packs to keep the ingredients dry and avoid the wet, globby chunk that you can sometimes get from other paleo-type kits.
I’m somewhat of a jerky snob – being raised on Ford’s jerky and all, and I fully expected to hate the jerky in these packs. I was pleasantly surprised! It actually has really good flavor. I love taking them to work. It’s a great snack to get me through the afternoon and have enough energy to hit CrossFit after work and not die mid-WOD. 😉

how to prep for the Whole Life Challenge - Primitive Fuels via @Ash_and_Diz

how to prep for the Whole Life Challenge - Primitive Fuels SHAKE via @Ash_and_Diz

I also bought some “Paleo” salad dressing and bars from Steve’s PaleoKits. But… after a little research (aka read the damn labels!) I saw that they all have honey in them. Which is technically a no-no for the Whole Life Challenge. So, I’ll be holding on to these and saving them for after the challenge. I’m sure the amount of honey is minimal, and I have no reservations about using them after the challenge is over. The amount of ingredients in the salad dressings is so minimal compared to traditional store bought brands.

how to prep for the Whole Life Challenge -steve's paleokits via @Ash_and_Diz

If you’re doing the challenge, or a #Whole30 or a 30 day Paleo challenge – how do you prep? any tips for Diz and I?


17 thoughts on “how to prep for the Whole Life Challenge

  1. Megan D says:

    Your fridge looks so pretty. Not just because of all the healthy and good for you foods, but it is so organized and you can SEE everything. lol. Your freezer literally has FIVE things in it. I think I have25 things in the DOOR of my freezer! Ha!

    Good luck with this challenge. You are going to rock it!


    • Ashley says:

      6 things if you count the vodka next to the green beans. 😉
      I’ve been shopping, so there is more stuff in there now. I wish it was FULL of food…


  2. Ann says:

    Girl, I LOVE your fully stocked fridge and freezer. I’ve been looking to try some new foods (i.e. primitive foods! hello! WANT!) – and my only words of wisdom is to BUY MORE. We ran out of food after a few days, and hit up the grocery store 4 times in the 1st week!! But – it looks like you went to Costco, so, hopefully you are prepped. We also do A LOT of “bulk” cooking – chili, meat and veggies, salmon, etc. and then keep single-serving packs in the fridge. Quick meals or snacks. I LOVE the almonds and the salad dressings, too!! 🙂 CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO DO THIS!!!!


    • Ashley says:

      I’ll be shopping (& cooking & prepping) this weekend. And there’s more food in there now. But I do know that we’ll be shopping very frequently, at least until we get the hang of things. 😉


    • Ashley says:

      Hey Elle – there are many benefits from the 30 day challenge. (a lot of which I will be covering in blog post soon.) My biggest reasons are to help break the addiction to sugar and processed foods, make my body fat adapted, clearer skin, and smaller size (not necessarily weight loss, just clothes fitting better) and to see myself perform better in the gym.

      Check out the Whole9Life website for more info – I can browse their site all day and never get bored with all the info & testomonials on there.

      thanks for stopping by! 🙂


      • Elle says:

        Hi – just came back and reread your post because I am starting to prep for my own 30 Day Challenge beginning January 1st. Reading lots and getting amped up!


  3. Danielle @ itsaharleyyylife says:

    this is awesome and i know what you mean about this statement: But this challenge is NOT about what we CAN’T have.
    I actually had a conversation about this with one of my crossfit coaches about going paleo. It’s not concentrating on what you can’t have but realizing what all you can have!
    heres to a healthy lifestyle!


    • Ashley says:

      This is something we’ve been talking about at my gym too. I mean, it’s 8 weeks. It’s not a lifetime. I’m hoping that with all the positive changes we’ll see that we won’t want to go back to the other way of eating. Except for the occasional pumpkin latte. 😉


  4. Kelli says:

    I’m almost done w/ Day 4 of the Whole 30 and desparately need some salad dressing options besides vinegar and oil or guacamole.

    Great job so far to you!


    • Ashley says:

      Hi Kelli!

      I use a lot of salsa! I find the premade pico de gallo – type salsas at the grocery store. I use Pace chunky salsa as well (just make sure to check the label for sugar!). Sometimes using some cut up fruit (like oranges or berries) with the salsa is a nice change as well.

      Good luck on the rest of the challenge! 🙂


  5. Tiffani @ Miles In Murray says:

    I loved this post. Unfortunately living with my boyfriend(who does not eat anywhere NEAR paleo), I can’t throw everything out. It has made me realize that I CAN resist the temptation.

    Oh my gosh, Ford’s? Best. Freaking. Jerky. Ever. Have you tried his special seasoning? It is the BEST!!! Our dogs love his dog treats too.


    • Ashley says:

      TIFFANI!! My uncle Russ owns Ford’s Locker! It really is the best. Nothing even comes close! 🙂

      p.s. we should have a doggy play date.


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