I get to be Olivia's Nurse today

I dropped Olivia off at the vet yesterday to get her spayed and her dewclaws removed (most breeders have it done when they are just a few days old – ours did not).
I was almost in tears as I let the tech take her from me. OMG. It was so sad. She had no idea what she was in for.

They called me around noon to update me that she was out of surgery and resting comfortably. I asked a ton of questions – most important – when can I pick her up tomorrow? Our vet (Park Animal Hospital in Provo) requires an overnight stay to monitor them post op and administer pain medication.

When I picked her up this morning she was so excited to see me. She was prancing around and licking my hands. She was SO ready to come home. The drive home was a little crazy. She was ALL over the place. Trying to sit in my lap, trying to crawl in the back seat (which she NEVER does), and I could tell she couldn’t get comfortable.

Once we got home I fed her and gave her some water, let her outside to do her business.

Diz called and I put him on speakerphone. She “talked” to him (aka cried and whined) and continued to do this off and on for about 30 minutes until she finally fell asleep. Nothing I did seemed to make her more comfortable, I really think she was just trying to tell me how she was feeling. Like, “holy shit, my tummy hurts!”

She’s been resting comfortably all morning and sleeping for the most part.

My sweet Olivia pup.

Olivia’s bandaged paws. I’m hoping she doesn’t try to lick or chew the bandages off, or… she has to get a cone. 😦

Olivia’s tummy incision. Not that long, about 3 inches. We go back in 10 days for suture removal.

is that not the saddest face ever?? (and possibly pain med induced glassy eyes?!)


I’m lucky enough that the Dr I work for is gone this week, so I can stay home today (and maybe tomorrow??) with Olivia and take care of her.



5 thoughts on “I get to be Olivia's Nurse today

  1. Jessica says:

    I also get to play nurse this week to my 2yr old. He had his Tonsils and Adenoids out and tubes put in his ears this morning and I have heard some horror stories so I am trying to brace myself. Good luck with your baby and I hope she heals soon!


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