Post Op Puppy

So remember last week when I got to stay home with Olivia and play nurse?

WELL… she decided to give us a hard time about this whole dew claw bandage thing.

Diz and I went out to dinner with my parents on Saturday night and left Olivia out in the kennel (which we’d done all week) and were gone ONLY an hour. Well, she must have gotten bored because she had begun to chew her left dew claw bandage off and managed to get down to her incision. Thankfully, she had not ripped out any stitches, but she had been licking and it was a little raw. After an emergency call to the vet, I went to Walmart to get bandages so we could re-wrap her leg.

On Sunday, she chewed off her bandage again (she was going crazy because I was vacuuming so I put her in the kennel for about 20 mins), but I managed to catch her before she got down to the incision. Another re-wrap job and we were back on track. And we added the (first) cone-of-shame.

Monday, Diz met me at the gym and we left Olivia in the kennel (for an hour – ONLY an hour) with the CONE. And the lil terd somehow chewed the edge of the cone and got to her bandage and RIPPED her incision open. AND another emergency call to the vet and we had an appointment for 7am this morning to have it inspected.

We saw Dr. Erickson this time and Olivia now has 3 staples in addition to the stitches that are left. She’s also on an antibiotic. AND she gave us a sedative to give her when we are at work so she won’t chew. AND we got another CONE of SHAME (bigger).  Diz stayed home today to see how she’d respond to the sedative (so we know how much to give her). She was pretty… out of it.

My poor puppy… but leave it to me to make sure to get photos to document the cuteness.

So far she hasn’t bothered her new bandages. She gets to get her other stitches out on Thursday, and has to keep the new ones ANOTHER 10 days.

you can see that they REALLY wrapped up her paw. and then SOAKED it in bitter apple spray.
crossing our fingers that she LEAVES it alone.


she’s such a diva!!
“no more pics MOM!”

Anyone else have a DETERMINED chewer like Olivia?

P.S. we’re looking for a good “pup”cake recipe. Olivia and Paisley turn ONE on thursday!
Paisley has a bunch of allergies (yup… really) and she can’t have wheat, oat, sweet potatoes (basically a Paleo dog). lol.


3 thoughts on “Post Op Puppy

  1. Courtney says:

    Oh my gosh, it breaks my heart to see my dog in pain! I can’t imagine how hard that must have been!

    *P.S. Are you a nurse? Are you wearing black scrubs?

    I miss wearing black leggings …. we have a white/brown colored dog and his hair gets errrrywhere.


    • Ashley says:

      She really wasn’t in that much pain. The vet said she took it like a champ. 😉 We’re just more worried about the infection (or possibility of an infection).

      I’m not a nurse, but I work at an eye clinic, so we get to wear scrubs.

      Olivia sheds like CRAZY! we have lint rollers everywhere!


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