Whole Life Challenge Week 2 Update @ash_and_diz

Whole Life Challenge WEEK 2 UPDATE

Hey guys! Week 2 of the Whole Life Challenge is officially over!

Whole Life Challenge Week 2 Update @ash_and_diz

This week has been a little bit crazy in the stress department. Miss Olivia has given us a run for our money (literally & figuratively).
We had her spayed and de-dewclawed last Monday and all was well until Saturday night when we went to dinner. Basically, we’ve been sedating her and hosing her down with bitter apple spray (ok… not hosing, but applying LIBERALLY) and she’s been much better. She had her tummy & right dewclaw bandages and sutures removed on Thursday and besides a little licking on her right paw (it must be itchy with all the hair growing back in – the vet shaved her in the surgery areas) she’s been great. We are still Cone-Of-Shame-ing her whenever we leave. She is CHEWING on the cone, but I’d rather her chew on the cone than on her paw. We don’t need to pay for another wound closure (and antibiotics and sedatives).

anyways… long story short – it’s been stressful this week.
and I’ve wanted to eat ALL of the things.
but I can’t, because all I have is protein, veggies, fat and fruits.
AND what I WANTED to eat included cereal, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, chips, basically any processed carb I could find.
BUT – I didn’t. I stayed on plan. I had to work through my stress (mainly at Elevated CrossFit – there’s nothing better than throwing up something heavy to make you feel better!) and FEEL my feelings. (a la Ann from Twelve and Twelvealso my BFF).  That part is tough, but this is exactly what needs to be happening so I can fix my relationship with food and deal with my sugar addiction.

Good things that happened this week include me losing another 1.5 lbs and Diz finally (FINALLY) getting on the scale and realizing he’s down about 10 lbs (he never officially weighed in prior to the WLC, but his weight has been fairly stable, so just go with it).  AND… I might be liking black coffee a little more. I’ve given up trying to add stuff to my coffee to make it taste better. I’ve tried canned pumpkin, coconut oil and even almond butter (I was desperate!) and it was a total FAIL. Sometime this week I went to take a sip of my coffee and I thought… hmm, this is tasting less like dirt. 😉


How are you guys doing on the Whole Life Challenge (if you’re doing it)?
How do you deal with stress?

You can check out my Whole Life Challenge – Week 1 UPDATE if you missed it. 😉



10 thoughts on “Whole Life Challenge WEEK 2 UPDATE

    • Ashley says:

      Thanks Jess! Olivia got too many treats during this vlog (and all the previous takes) so she’s in a treat coma by my feet! LOL. Tell Cooper Hi from us!

      And I have to credit my friend, Ann, for the “feel my feelings” quote. #She’sAGenius


  1. Lily says:

    I don’t know why but this post made me kind of emotional. I am a nerd! I am really excited for you to be doing the whole life challenge. It is already working, I can see it in your face! You are glowing. Love it!


  2. Megan D says:

    I was wondering how your 2nd week went. Not sure how I missed your posts. Good job! Losing any weight during week 2 is awesome! I am even more impressed you held on to your plans while being super stressed. I say this while eating a cookie. Crap bags. You look great! I love your curly hair.

    I am glad Olivia is going better.

    10lbs for Diz! Good for you for being happy for him. I curse my husband and his ability to THINK about weight loss and it happening. Pffft. Boys!


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