St. George Revenge


My mom and brother are running St. George Marathon tomorrow morning and I came down here with them. I’m not running this year (thank God), but I plan on being the best cheerleader for them.

We hit up IHOP in Cedar City for lunch. They got to carb up with pancakes. I got to eat an omelette. The waitress was pretty annoyed with me. I told her I didn’t want the hash browns or pancakes or the cheese on top. And no pancake batter in the eggs ( which they apparently add to make the eggs fluffy ). Wouldn’t you know my omelette came out with cheese on it. *facepalm* so I sent that back and my Mom and brother were almost done with their meal by the time I got mine.


I haven’t had many cravings on the Whole Life Challenge but HOT DAMN I really wanted a taste of those pancakes.

Once we got into St. George we headed to the expo. They got their bibs and packets and we walked around to all the vendors. I bought some new headbands from Twete Bird and was eyeing a jacket from Freemotion. Even on sale it was still $70. #nevermind I totally rocked my new Reebok #getafterit tee. I love it. So comfortable and my favorite message! I thought it was appropriate for marathoners to see. I thought I’d be a little jealous or get the itch to run the marathon, but I really don’t have the urge to run. I’m completely happy with the half marathon distance and obviously head over heels in love with and addicted to CrossFit right now. Did I mention that I got a new 5 RM back squat PR of 175lbs on Monday morning?! I was so excited! Tyson tells me that I should easily hit 200lbs when I go for a new 1RM. That’s crazy! And so freakin’ cool!


Can you guess which one I’ll be wearing tomorrow? I’m planning on camping out at mile 24 and running with my bro for a bit then waiting for my Momma and running her to the finish. I’ll be her water-girl and emergency gel girl. I can’t wait to see how we’ll both her and my brother do.

Who else is running? I’ll be keeping my eye out for Jamyn, Monica, Candace and Cory!


3 thoughts on “St. George Revenge

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Those pancakes would’ve been tempting……I’m a sucker for pancakes. It’s frustrating to order something and have them do it wrong. I feel horrible everytime I have to send something back, but I try to do it in the nicest way possible. It’s my body, I’m paying for it- it needs to be right!!


    • Ashley says:

      Omigosh! SO tempting! But I kept reminding myself that if I’m gonna cheat on something it’s NOT going to be pancakes at IHOP. It’s gonna be something that is WORTH it. 😉

      and it was the first time I’ve ever sent anything back… I was praying no one would spit in my food! LOL


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