Whole Life Challenge – Week 3 Update (vlog)

Hey guys just a quick update on week 3 of the Whole Life Challenge. (Blogging from the iPad is harder than I thought it would be! LoL)

here’s another vlog update. 🙂 enjoy!

I’ll try to update tomorrow when we get home and actually post my thoughts rather than ramble on like I did in the video. 😉


off to mile 24!!!



Weight didn’t change this week, which is disappointing. But not unexpected. This seemed to be the trend at Elevated CrossFit this week. Most of us had big losses during week 1 and week 2 – but have hit a plateau this week. I figure the weight will continue to come off. We still have 5 more weeks. I got this!

Workouts have been great. Hit a new 5RM on my Back Squat and it felt AWESOME! I hit 175lbs on my squat! Which is 10lbs MORE than my current 1 RM! Can’t wait to go for a new 1 RM soon! (Tyson?? are you listening? let’s do this!)

Eating has been fine. No major issues – except the IHOP fiasco. My poor waitress! I’ve had a few cravings – but certainly been manageable.

Diz is ROCKING this challenge. He’s lost about 13lbs now. I can totally tell in his face and his belly is shrinking. 🙂

Diz is also realizing how great CrossFit is, working out at your max for a 10 min WOD – and feeling like you got your butt kicked IS FUN! This CrossFit stuff is awesome! 😉 So glad he’s finally on board!


Check out my Week 1 Update and Week 2 Update if you missed them.


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