They got their REVENGE!

I am one PROUD daughter and sister!

My Momma and my brother, Joshie, KILLED it at St. George Marathon this weekend!

They woke up super early… well my Momma did, but once I smelled the coffee brewing I had a hard time staying asleep! 😉
and they were super excited to be running! (crazy, I tell ya!)

I dropped them off at the busses and headed back to the hotel. I didn’t even try to go back to sleep. I just watched TV and vegged in bed for a few hours. Drank my coffee and blogged/vlogged (though I need to update it… that post is a mess! lol) and finally got ready to get down to the finish line.

I got there just in time to see the first girl cross the finish line. It was SO cool!

I ran in to Kristie and her kids (Kristie is Paul’s wife – remember, he’s the St. George Legend!) and chatted with her for a bit. I took off down the course to mile 24, but then I saw Paul and decided to run with him for a little while. BUT… Paul runs EXTREMELY fast, so it was a short-lived (but SPEEDY) half mile! I left him at the last turn and turned around to head to the Mile 24 marker (again).

It felt like FOREVER – but I finally spotted Joshie and started jumping up and down and YELLING for him.

I know he looks miserable here. But he was in the ZONE. I tried to hand him water and a gel and I wasn’t even sure he saw me. He was CRUISING! so I told him I was leaving him and waiting for Mom. (which he heard NONE of… lol) I would have run with him for longer, but I was worried I’d miss my Mom and Joanna (according to the texts they were only about 10 minutes apart).

I turned around (again) and camped out on the little corner. Again… felt like I was waiting FOREVER. I saw the 4:00 pacer pass by and I really started to worry – but then I remembered that they were planning on waiting at the start line to let everyone pass and so it made sense why they hadn’t passed yet.

and then I finally spotted the bright shorts! 🙂

These BAMRs were amazing! They stopped for a quick water break and took off again. My Mom started to cramp a little bit, but I told her (nicely) to suck it up and breathe and KEEP going! Somewhere along the way she demanded a baggie of ice and I got one. She ate a few pieces and demanded (nicely) that I hold it (in addition to the camera and water bottle that I HAD to bring). We were running strong when another cramp hit and she pulled out her Deep Blue muscle cream and wanted me to put some on her legs and then decided she was fine. So in addition to the camera, the baggie of ice, the water bottle (that I HAD to bring), I was also carrying the deep blue. I ziplocked the baggie of ice (so I wouldn’t drop any of the coveted ice) and when she asked for more ice, I handed it to her. Well… she couldn’t get it open, so she handed it back to me and demanded (kind of nicely) to open it. I handed her the water bottle to hold (it’s a handheld water bottle, but it makes it hard to use that hand) and she held for about 2.7 seconds before she said “I don’t want to carry this” and handed it back to me. LOL. I eventually got the ice baggie open and she got her ice. 😉

When we got to the last turn we saw Moena from work and Kristie and her kids and took off down the chute. I just kept telling her to push harder and run faster (and to pass the guy in the orange shirt – we came close!).



She finished in 3:52!! Another Boston Qualifier and a SHINY PR! (2 min PR)

JOSHIE was a MANimal and finished in 3:38! Freakin’ AMAZING 19 min PR!

Joanna finished a few minutes ahead of my Mom in 3:50 (which I’m pretty sure is a killer PR for her as well)

Paul finished in a SPEEDY 2:56!

I am SO SO SO proud of my family for kicking butt at St George this year. They were able to conquer the course and everyone was thrilled with their results! Josh even managed to get negative splits! That’s AMAZING.

They FINALLY got their revenge on the St George Marathon!!

Who else got revenge on SGM?
Anyone else get a SHINY new PR? (it sure seemed like everyone was running a marathon this weekend – SGM, Twin Cities, Chicago, etc)

P.S. watch this video of my BFF Ann and her hubby Jay cheering on runners at the Twin Cities Marathon – makes me wish I was in MN!!



14 thoughts on “They got their REVENGE!

  1. Lisa @ RunWiki says:

    Fantastic!!! I love how close your family is. I always look forward to reading about how you all run together and support each other. It is incredible and puts a huge smile on my face. Congratulations to all!


    • Ashley says:

      Thanks Lisa! People always seem surprised that we are so close and I always think “isn’t every family like this?!” LOL. I consider myself very lucky that I have the support from my family and I love that I can support them. 🙂


  2. Rachelle says:

    Freaking awesome! I absolutely love the back and forth between you and your Mom the last 2 miles. It makes me laugh so hard because thats totally how I was with my Mom when she was biking with me. Give me this… I don’t want to hold it you hold. haha I was so mean to her! Congrats to your Mom and Josh they both did awesome and I love, love, love your Mom’s shorts. 🙂


  3. carly says:

    love your posts! so glad you were there for everyone! you are an amazing blogging and i need to leave more comments to let you know i read it! glad the whole life challenge is doing good….i’m curious about it, but don’t think i have that much will power yet. miss ya, and love ya .car


    • Ashley says:

      Thanks Carly!! You are so sweet! The WLC is hard, but I’m learning a lot about myself and my food issues, so it’s worth the challenging parts.

      Are you coming back to UT for the holidays? We need to get together for a run! (or a CrossFit workout!)


  4. Jessica says:

    I saw your Mom and Brother at the starting line and said “Hey Ashley’s Mom!” and then proceeded to make a fool of myself. Looks like they had a great marathon!! You make a great cheerleader and I could have used you at mile 24. So happy that this year’s marathon went so much better then last year but I am done with marathons for awhile and will focus on CrossFit for now!


  5. Hannah says:

    Love this recap! I can’t believe your mom is running sub-4 and your brother ran a 19 minute PR! (And he’s really cute, too!) I have also decided to adopt the word MANimal as my own.


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