I'm having an affair with RUNNING!

Finally getting back into running.
We’ve had our ups and downs this year.
For a long time I claimed to be a recovering marathon addict.

but lately, I’m feeling like I’m back in the groove.
Certainly, not anything speedy, but the fact that I WANT to get out there and run is HUGE for me!

After Ogden and Ragnar I took a long break from running. I’d run once or twice a week, maybe hitting 3-10 miles a week.
But in the last 3 weeks, I got 16 miles, 18 miles, and this last week 23 miles.

I’m still LOVING CrossFit. No one can keep me away from Elevated CrossFit. I love it there. Those people are like a second family…
but I am beginning to love running again (except when Olivia trips me and I end up eating asphalt).

On Thursday, I tried my new Reebok top (theΒ Pink Ribbon 1/4 Zip Top) on a short 3 miler. I loved it. All of my favorite winter running tops have the thumb hole feature. I feel like I don’t have to to wear gloves if I have the thumb holes. This top isn’t as thick as some of my other long sleeves so I still wore a tank underneath it for a little more warmth.

I pretty much lived in these sweats (the Pink Ribbon Pant) this past weekend. It takes a REALLY cold day for me to want to run in pants, let alone CrossFit in pants (unless we’re doing rope climbs – I need all the protection I can get!). But these sweats are SUPER comfy and soft and they’ve kept me warm and toasty with the chilly fall weather we’ve been having. And I LOVE the fold over waistband with the pink Reebok print.

Thinking about snagging a pair of the Pink Ribbon Tights for my winter runs. I’d much rather run in tights – I tend to stay warmer in tights than flare legged pants or sweats. Plus they have a little interior pocket for a gel or my ipod shuffle.

P.S. Did you know that if you buy any of Reebok’s Pink Ribbon gear you are helping combat breast cancer?! Reebok is a sponsor for the Avon Breast Cancer initiatives. They will donate more than $500,000 this year towards the cause! Isn’t that amazing? Dizzle’s Grandma passed away from breast cancer (before we even met) and though my side of the family has not been affected by breast cancer (we have had other forms of cancer take loved ones away), we have close family friends that have been affected. So it’s a cause we love to support. We know that #CancerSucks!

Anyone else getting back to running after a brief (but needed) break up?
**Reebok provided me with the Pink Ribbon 1/4 Zip Top and Pink Ribbon Pants at no cost to me. But the opinions are all mine. πŸ˜‰Β **


7 thoughts on “I'm having an affair with RUNNING!

  1. Kira says:

    Very cute sweat pants indeed! πŸ™‚ I haven’t really taken a break (as far as mileage from running), but after I got injured and the weather started changing, I kind of didn’t do it as competitively. (not that I was anyways) but I slowed down the pace and just started running on the TM. It was actually a really good break, just to be running because I enjoy it. Last week though, I had one day where I was able to push a little harder and get in the zone. It felt good to do that again. I probably won’t do that ALL the time, but I think Ill do it once a week just to keep it fresh. Lookin good! Keep up the good work!


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