Whole Life Challenge – Week 6 Update

My Momma & me after our 6 mile run this morn. I love that my Mom and I are so close and that we can run together!
now… I just need to get her into Elevated CrossFit. 😉

So… I’m a few days late on getting this update up. We had a busy weekend. We had our Halloween Throwdown at ECF on Saturday (and raised over $1,000 for the Barron Family) and we had a family Halloween party yesterday. So… it’s a few days late. Life got in the way! 🙂

This week went pretty well. I have LOVED not getting on the scale. My day is no longer RUINED by some stupid number on the scale. I know I’m eating right and exercising like I’m supposed too, so I need to stop worrying about the scale.

Work was CRAZY busy so I didn’t get as many miles as I would have liked, but, oh well. I did the best I could.

I stopped drinking coffee. Well, for the most part. I (still) miss my coffee creamer, and every time I drink plain coffee I just think about how much better it would taste WITH coffee creamer. So it’s pretty much pointless.

I did surprisingly well at the Halloween party last night. I wasn’t tempted by the candy or the treats. I ate my salad and chicken and grilled pineapple and was completely satisfied. My MIL even asked me to help the kids with caramel apples (which is kind of like asking a recovering alcoholic be the bartender for the party) and I survived. I kept busy with cleaning up the dishes and wiping down the counters. Once I was done… I did get a little anxious (which I hate), but I told Diz I wanted to leave because I didn’t want to be around all the non-WLC food anymore. I can be strong for a while… but then it starts to wear me down. I’m not perfect (nor have I ever claimed to be! ha!). This girl knows her limits. 😉


Excited for the next 2 weeks! Can’t wait to see what it has to offer and what other changes I will see.
Also kind of excited to have a pumpkin spice latte when I’m done (just being honest). lol.


5 thoughts on “Whole Life Challenge – Week 6 Update

  1. Elle says:

    Following your posts with great interest since you introduced me to the challenge and the originator recently. I think you made a wise decision to get away when you did… you did so well with your resolve, but yes, you can only be expected to be strong for so long! Way to go.


    • Ashley says:

      Thanks Elle! I’m glad you are following along with the challenge. It’s been hard at times, and other times it’s been relatively easy. And I am SO looking forward to a latte on Nov. 10. 😉


  2. Megan D says:

    You are amazing. I am like you. I can be good. But only fir so long…then once i start it is like I am making up for lost time. Which is never good. Way to be smart and just get out if there. I hope this week is less crazy so you can get your work outs in. Hate missing that when you are actually looking forward to it.

    You and your mom are super cute! And way to go on your PR today!


    • Ashley says:

      That’s exactly how I get. Once I break, it’s like, watch out. I go on a sugar rampage. So I knew it would be easier to just leave. 😉

      P.S. Wanna come to CrossFit on Saturday morning?


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