#GetAfterIt goals – CHECK!

Remember the post where I mentioned my #GetAfterIt CrossFit goals?

Ya know…

Back Squats & Deadlifts over 200 lbs & Pull Ups & Hand Stand Push Ups?!

Well, I got the Deadlift goal 3 days after I posted my video (205lbs).

2 weeks after I posted my #getafterit goals, I got my (huge) Back Squat goal at 225lbs.


I’m happy (more like ecstatic) to tell you guys that in the last 24 hours I achieved the other 2 goals!

On Thursday night I was finally able to string together multiple kipping pull ups. I did a set of 5, 7, and then 6 more.

Last night was also special to me because I was able to bring a bunch of girlfriends to Elevated CrossFit to do a workout with me.

Megan, Me, Janae, Holly, & Breeann

Megan, Me, Janae, Holly, & Breeann @ ECF

Megan, Breeann, Janae and I were on a team together and tackled a BEAST of a WOD! (Stephanie was also there – but left before pictures! She teamed up with her hubby, Jake, Chris & his friend, Chris – they KILLED it in 25 minutes!! Holly teamed up with her hubby, Jorge, and Trent and… um… I don’t remember. LOL. #blondemoment)

In teams of 4 (with only 2 people working at a time)
complete the following:

300 pull ups
400 push ups
500 sit ups
600 squats

We finished in 32:00! Which was amazing! Tyson wanted to cut us off at 30 minutes, but Janae convinced him to let us finish. (I would have been happy to stop – I had also done the workout at 6pm with Jen, Van, and Michelle – I was exhausted… but really, if Tyson had made us stop, I would have been irritated. ha!)


finally got Handstand Push Ups!
(they were kipped and I got 3 of them!)

I am SO excited. I was just goofin’ around after the WOD and thought to myself, “Yikes, I gotta work on HSPU, that’s one my goals for the year!!”
So I set up an ab mat and got into position for one and was superclose to getting to full extension, but I had pushed too far away from the wall. But I tried it again, and it felt effortless. I sat (stayed?) in the handstand position and called out to everyone “DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?! I just did a freakin’ handstand push up!!!” Tyson retorted, “Yeah? Let’s see another one, then”. So I dropped back down and got another one! Then the guys made some goofy comment and I started laughing and lost my position. I was able to get one more after that, and probably could have gotten more… ((the first picture in the post is right after I got my HSPU, I had to snap a mirror pic, I was just SO excited! and if my face looks a little red, it’s because I got nailed right in the face with a nerf ball when we played dodgeball after the WOD, thanks Coach!))

and even better – somehow, I convinced Janae to come back to Elevated CrossFit for one more WOD, AND I convinced Rachelle to come try it out too!

Sarah, Me, Janae, Courtney, Rachelle, & Cayson

Sarah, Me, Janae, Courtney, Rachelle, & Cayson

this was our “tough chick” picture 😉

Tonight’s WOD was

Teams of 2 – 5 rounds of
50m partner carry (each)
20 Med Ball Tosses (each)

I teamed up with Cayson (since we are similar size) and Janae & Courtney teamed up, and Rachelle and Sarah teamed up.
I had SO much fun cheering them on during the WOD and I love that they had a good time!! (except when Rachelle tripped during a partner carry – I must have that effect on her. #mybad)


I am so proud of all my girls that came out for Guest Days at Elevated CrossFit. Everyone did SO amazing. I was excited to share something that I’m passionate about with all of them and I would LOVE it if they joined me more often! *cough, cough* Megan & Rachelle & Holly & Stephanie *cough, cough*

Tomorrow is the last day of Guest Days, the WOD is at 9:30 and ANYONE is welcome to join me. I think I might have my Momma and Joanna and Carly convinced to join me. WAHOO!


Can I just say again how FREAKIN’ stoked I am about my pull ups and HSPU?!
I am thrilled with all the progress that I’ve made over the last year with CrossFit.
It has been such an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see what next year holds for me!



13 thoughts on “#GetAfterIt goals – CHECK!

  1. Lisa Jameson says:

    that is such a neat aspect that elevated crossfit allowed you to bring friends up to 3 days in a row! I’m pretty sure I would have pulled a Rachelle and tripped too. HUGE congrats on the kipping pullups AND handstand push ups— both sound like something I could never do.


    • Ashley says:

      Thanks Lisa! Anytime you are back in UT and want to try CrossFit, let me know! 😉 And it’s taken me a long time to get the pullups and hspu. a LONG time. 🙂


  2. Megan D says:

    You are amazeballs. Seriously. Those are some pretty dang hard goals and you got them! Crossfit was so much fun. Thanks again for letting me come try it and one hopefully one data I will be able to be as cool.and hard core as you and workout there indefinitely 😉


  3. dailydoseoflyric says:

    Crossfit seems like so much fun! and doing a pull up or HSPU is super impressive in my books! I have never been very good at those. Great job!!


  4. BackatSquare0 (@BackAtSquare0) says:

    Holy crud you are a beast! In a super sexy awesome way! I did crossfit for about 3 weeks a year ago and then blew out my shoulder. I could not do anything. I was horrible at pullups even with the band and handstands were a no go for sure. Would love to try again sometime when I am healthy; however, I think 2013 will be the year of the run.


  5. sdorsay (itrainthereforeieat) says:

    I just found your blog and I’m so glad I did!! I love finding other strong women with a passion for lifting…And Congrats on hitting those goals!! DL and Back Squat both over 200 lb is totally badass, If I were you I’d be walking around bragging to everyone who would listen 🙂


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