hoping & wishing

Along with all the puppy stress we’ve had this week, I’ve also been struggling with some unexplained back pain.

On Tuesday afternoon at work, I noticed a tweaking pain in my back. I have absolutely NO idea what I did to cause it.
I went to CrossFit that night and did the workout, which included some push presses & Elizabeth (Cleans and Ring Dips {modified}) – but my back didn’t hurt during the workout. I used the lacrosse ball to attempt to roll out the kink and I’m pretty sure I only made it worse.

I haven’t worked out since. No CrossFit & no running. I’ve been playing it safe.
Any twisting motion or side bend has been excruciating.
Those first two nights, I hardly slept at all.

I’ve started taking advil and it seems to be helping.
The pain is definitely dying down and…

I’m dying to do something…
so I think I’ll head to my Mom’s house for a treadmill run. *cross your fingers that it’s pain free, mmkay?!*

SmoothFlex & Olivia WEBOlivia is dying to go for a run, too.
2 weeks of rest for this post-op pup. 😦

p.s. I love my Reebok SmoothFlex shoes. So comfy.
Like walking on marshmallows – squishy & soft.
& I get compliments EVERY time I wear them.

*Reebok provided me with the SmoothFlex shoes at no cost to me. I was not compensated. All opinions is this post are my own.*


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