I got my Mom to CrossFit! & a Reebok Coupon

Remember my previous post about bringing all the blogger girls to Elevated CrossFit for ‘Guest Days’?
Well on the last day I was somehow able to convince my Mom, Joanna & Carly to join me!
Let’s just call it a #CrossFitMiracle 😉

My Mom has always been a little (okay – a lot) afraid of CrossFit.
She worries about not being able to move for a week after, not knowing the movements, and not being able to move for a week after. 😉

The key was getting Carly and Joanna convinced to come try it. They usually do long runs on Saturday, and well, my Mom didn’t want to run alone, so she had to come to Elevated CrossFit too.

Our workout was fairly simple –

AMRAP 10 minutes, in teams of 3, complete the following:

athlete 1 runs 200m, the other two will be doing as many reps as possible of:
athlete 2: KB Swings
athlete 3: Push Ups

Joanna, Carly and I were on a team, and my Mom joined in with Cayson and her Mom – and I’ve already forgotten our score. We had a great time and that’s all that matters.

Everyone did awesome! I was so proud of my Mom and Carly and Joanna. They were out of their element but still kicked major butt!


After we got done with the WOD we were goofing off and trying to get everyone to do hand stands against the wall.

Carly---handstand-text-(web)poor Carly… she slammed herself into the wall and Joanna and my Mom were there to catch her and hold her up,
but she couldn’t stay up on her own –

Joanna,-Mom-&-Me---Handstands-text-(web)which is why it’s just us 3 in this pic.
We were all laughing hysterically.

Then I was trying to do some more pull ups unassisted and Carly managed to snap this pic on her phone –

pull-ups-(web)really blurry, but still, it’s proof I can do pull ups. 🙂

I could only get 4 or 5 strung together. My arms were FRIED from all the workouts that week.
I even tried to do a few handstand push ups.
I was going for 5 in a row, got to 4, then basically crumpled into a sweaty heap.
Thank goodness I had an ab-mat to break my fall!

p.s. Reebok sent me the red tank, it’s actually the CrossFit Racer Long Bra Top. It’s awesome.
The great thing about their CrossFit apparel line is that it’s made with CrossFit athletes in mind.
This tank fit perfectly, was soft and comfortable, and didn’t cause any chafing or raw spots.
And like all my other Reebok tanks, it utilizes the PlayDry technology which means it moves moisture away, accelerates evaporation, and increases ventilation. So for a sweaty chick like me – it’s awesome because it keeps me cool (literally) and makes me LOOK good. 😉

The next morning I texted my Mom to see if I could run on her treadmill.
I really wanted to try out my new Bose SIE2i sport headphones that Reebok sent me.
My Mom responded that they (Joanna and her) were out running about a mile from my house and that I should join in and run them home.
So I quickly changed (got bundled up – it was freakin’ COLD outside!) and headed down the road.
I ended up only running 3 miles but it was fun to hear them complain/rant&rave about CrossFit.

and I fell in love with the Bose SIE2i sport headphones.
Hands down, the MOST comfortable earphones I’ve ever worn.
and most definitely the best sound quality in any sport headphone I’ve ever owned.
I love that there’s a remote on the cord and lets you control volume and change tracks on my iPod nano. No fiddling with the buttons on the actual iPod, or trying to take gloves off to get the scroll wheel to respond. Those Reebok & Bose people are pure genius!
the armband fit pretty comfortably over my long sleeve top and only slipped down once.
AND  it has a shorter cord, so no more getting tangled up in my watch, water belt, or yanking the earphones out of my ears when I accidentally snag the cord. (it does come with an extension piece if you do need the extra length).



The folks at Reebok sent me this coupon code to pass on to all my readers!
I’m a huge fan of their apparel and shoes!
(and the new Bose SIE2i headphones – but the coupon won’t apply to those)



Their apparel is great and designed with athletes in mind. Every piece of clothing that I have from Reebok has quickly become a favorite.
Comfort, fit and quality are all top-notch!
They never restrict movement, never chafe, and look great!
Make sure you check out their SHOP! The coupon is good through the end of the year!

*disclaimer – Reebok provided me with the Bose SIE2i headphones and the CrossFit Racer Long Bra Top at no cost to me. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own.*


7 thoughts on “I got my Mom to CrossFit! & a Reebok Coupon

  1. Stephanie says:

    I knew Holly and I should have ran to Crossfit that morning! I just love your mama, she is awesome! Crossfit was sooooo very fun and I want to stop everytime I drive by and see your Jeep there! That tank top is super cute!!!


  2. MegG says:

    So fun that you got your mom to do it. We’ve played around with the idea of getting my mother in law to come to a class, I think we’ll have to arrange for it when our coach’s mom is there! I LOVE the Bose headphones, way more than I thought I would. I gave them the long test of wearing them on a two hour flight and they were still comfortable!


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