Update on Olivia!!


We got some GREAT NEWS this week!

Olivia is NOT a hermaphrodite! (Not that it would have been a bad thing necessarily… #justsayin)
The histopathology came back and the bumps ended up being inflamed lymph nodes.
The pathologist could not find any reason for the inflammation which is strange.
There was no bacterial infection, no viral infection and no fungal infection and MOST importantly —


And all the swelling that she has (that we’ve been so damn worried about – and been to the vet TWICE in the last week to have her checked) is actually expected and completely normal. Because the bumps were lymph nodes (basically, pumps for the lymphatic system & fluid), she now has a back up of lymphatic fluid. So her little body needs to figure out how to re-route the lymphatic fluid which will take a few weeks. When she stands up her little belly sags like she has milk in… it’s cute and sad at the same time. But it’s certainly NOT slowing her down!

It is a little frustrating that the path did not reveal a cause for the inflammation – but at the same time, we are just thrilled that she is healthy and NOT a hermaphrodite and does NOT have cancer.

Once again, we can not thank Dr. Park & Dr. Erickson (& all the wonderful techs) at Park Animal Hospital. They are incredible! They have answered every question, every phone call (and there have been a lot), and made us feel SO comfortable through all of this.


If you are reading this and thinking “What the heck are you talking about?” Read our previous post “Well… We didn’t expect THAT” – where we thought Olivia was a hermaphrodite. And it will all make sense! πŸ™‚


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