Polar ft40 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Happy New Year everybody! I’m only a few (okay… a lot of) days late. Diz and I have been battling nasty head colds and we’ve (well, I’ve) been checked out of the internet/social media world for the last little while (and our internet has been down & we were at the mercy of our landlord trying to fix it, which took about 4 days…). I’d like to tell you that we’re feeling better, but I think we just keep re-infecting each other.

but hey! Check it out — Polar and FitFluential sent me the FT40 Heart Rate Monitor to try out and review.

Polar FT40 HRM Review

It seemed like everyone BUT me had a heart rate monitor! I’ve heard a lot about heart rate training and zones, but that just seems so complicated!

Polar USA to the rescue!

The FT40 simplifies heart rate training, so even a blondie like me gets it!


Your heart rate is only TRUE and accurate measure of your intensity level while exercising. How I best understand it is my “fast” running pace is (lately) anything sub 9:00/mile, my bff Janae’s “fast” pace is like 7:00/mile – but our heart rates would probably be similar if we were running our “fast” pace, because everyone has a different levels of fitness.

The FT40 allows me to train smarter, NOT harder.

Like, at Elevated CrossFit, we’re expected to workout at a certain intensity level for each WOD. Not too easy, and not too hard (well, no puking…). That’s the key to reaching any exercise goal – working out at the right intensity level.

And the Polar FT40 makes it SO easy to measure how hard I’m working. It’s got this great feature called the Energy Pointer that really makes it simple to tell which exercise benefit I’m getting. Fat Burning or Fitness Improvement. It tracks the length of my workouts, my average heart rate, my maximum heart rater and how many calories I burn during that time. According to Polar, the Smart Calorie feature has been validated to be the most accurate estimation of calories burned commercially available. How cool is that? You know you can never thrust the machines at the gym, they always seem to overestimate how many calories you burn.

So you wanna know how it works??

I wear the handy-dandy heart rate sensor and strap (as pictured above!) and it wirelessly submits the data to the wrist unit. Easy, right?!
(something super cool I noticed, while I’ve been running on the treadmill at the gym, the sensor must also connect to the treadmill because it tracks my heart rate on the treadmill display too. sa-weet.)

The FT40 was super easy to set up, it just needs basic info and you’re ready to begin. It literally took me 2 minutes.

I’ve worn it while running and while doing CrossFit. During my runs, I’m in fitness mode for the majority of the time, with the exception of the warm up and cool down. During CrossFit WODs I’m in fat burning mode for the most part, usually around a 60/40 split. I was finally able to use my Polar Heart Rate Monitor last night during a strength WOD and I was in fat burning mode the entire time, it wasn’t until the sprints that my heart rate spiked up into the fitness mode.

I knew I LOVED strength WODs for a reason! 😉

here are a few screen shots from different workouts

METCON 1_2_13

11 mile run

Strength & Sprints

the Polar FT40 has been a great addition to my workouts. I love that it has an accurate calorie burn and I can (easily) tell whether I’m burning fat or improving fitness. It’s comfortable to wear and I’ve never chafed with the heart rate strap (and I usually chafe with EVERYTHING). The fact that it is SO easy to use is a HUGE plus for me. I hate having to go through 8 different screens to get one bit of info, then another screen for another but of info on my Garmin. With my Polar FT40 – it’s all right there!

Do you guys use a heart rate monitor? Anyone a Polar LOVER like me?

**DISCLAIMER – FitFluential, LLC and Polar USA provided me with Polar FT40 to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**


14 thoughts on “Polar ft40 Heart Rate Monitor Review

    • Ashley says:

      I couldn’t agree more about it being eye-opening! I was somewhat surprised how fast I go into fitness mode during runs, I naively thought I was fat-burning A LOT more.

      and I hope we get better soon. My hubby and I are drowning in used tissues over here! LOL


  1. Fudging Ahead says:

    I loved my Polar until it stopped working. My husband replaced the battery and it’s been better, but it still stops sometimes, which is really frustrating. But, I agree, they’re great to use while they work!


  2. Katie Jo says:

    I am new to your blog!!! I actually found you from Instagram from Britt-ish Designs! hahaha I am just getting started into running, again. Ten years ago I used to run about 6 miles/day 4 days a week, but I never ran any races. Then… flash forward 10 years later I had gained 80 pounds, completely stopped working out at all, and was horrified! haha NOW.. I’m back down 50 pounds and hoping to run the Disneyland Half Marathon either this September or the Tinkerbell Half NEXT January! I’m so excited to see your run at Disneyland! YAY Take lots of pictures!!!


    • Ashley says:

      Hi Katie Jo – Glad you found me! Congrats on the weight loss, that is a HUGE accomplishment! I’d highly suggest running a Disney race. There is just nothing quite as fun or magical! We’re getting ready to leave right now to head to the airport! YAY! I’ll be sure to take lots of pics!


  3. adrianoabrate says:

    I only use Polar HRMs. The first one I used was the Polar FS1 and being a bit a geek myself I found that the added feedback took my training to a whole new level. Never had a problem with Polar quality.


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