Eastern Caribbean Cruise

WE had a BLAST. So much FUN!

Started off with the safety lecture… (thank goodness we were not on the Carnival Triumph and we never needed to put our life jackets on again!)


Our first stop was at Princess Cays. Which is Princess’ (our cruise line) own private island in the Bahamas. We were basically lazy bums and just laid in beach chairs all day. Diz snorkeled and saw some cool fish. My Dad and Josh played a few games of beach volleyball.

AND I’m a failure and GOT no pictures that day. I’m still waiting on pictures from Shae (Josh’s girlfriend), so I’ll have to post more later when I get her pics! 🙂

Then we had an ‘at sea’ day – which meant even more relaxing and doing a whole LOT of NOTHING. Read some cheesy cowboy romances and napped. Then we got all dressed up for dinner.




We look HOT. 😉

Our next stop was in St. Maarten. We shopped until we dropped! We found so many cool little shops. Everyone was sampling the island rum, we bought some fresh jam (for gifts), and found some cool clothes. We stopped at this restaurant on the beach called Captain Jack’s. It sucked. Don’t go there. We were so exhausted from all the shopping that we all headed back to the ship and zonked for a while.

St. Maarten… gorgeous beach. We got rained on for about 10 minutes and then it was back to sunny warm weather!

Next we had St. Thomas. We took a ferry to St. John for some snorkeling. It was windy, so the water was really choppy and made it hard to see anything while we snorkeled. We did see some cool fish, but all the coral was covered up in sand. The beaches in St. John were AMAZINGLY gorgeous. Some of the bluest bluest waters I’ve EVER seen!


we did have an encounter with some WILDLIFE right off the dock… YIKES!


That night (it was Valentines Day) we had our second formal night.
Had to take a picture with our waiters at dinner. They were awesome! Alfie and Christian were the BOMB!


Our last stop was in Grand Turk. We had the most AMAZING snorkel & stingray encounter. We are KICKING ourselves for not taking our cameras (and the waterproof pouch) and taking pics while we snorkeled. (We didn’t think the snorkeling would be great, since St. John was kind of disappointing). But OH MAN… we were WRONG. When we jumped off the boat the first thing I saw was a damn shark! NO shiz! Thank goodness our guides quickly informed us that they were nurse sharks and NOT aggressive. Well, imagine our shock when our guide dove down to bring the damn thing closer to us. I’ve never swam so fast in my life!!! LOL. Eventually I got enough courage to touch it (felt like really rough sand paper) and then I even HELD it later on! CRAZY! We saw SO many fish and so many critters! It was so cool! SO DAMN COOL!
We got back on the boat and headed around the island for our stingray encounter.

my Aunt Judy! She was a champ! She didn’t want to snorkel, but when it came to stingrays… she was ALL about it! Went right up and started holding it.
meet our friend, Mrs. Ray… she’s saying ‘HI!”
Josh and Shae kissing the barb for 7 years of good luck!
Mom & Dad with the ray!

Then we had to stop at Margaritaville. It was one of those experiences when you’re not sure if the food and drinks really taste that great, or if it’s just because you’re SO damn hungry. BUT… the Volcano Nachos were AMAZING and the margaritas and pina coladas WERE YUMMY!

We barely made it back to ship in time… 10 minutes to spare. It’s a long story… (but not going on the blog… LOL… well maybe later…)

Then we had our last day at sea. Another day to relax and have fun!
We went on the kitchen tour and I almost stayed behind to get the fettuccine alfredo recipe. It was divine.
doesn’t everyone carve their cantaloupe into sea turtles?

And to top it all off, my Aunt Judy got to dance with our waiters at our last dinner. It was awesome! Everyone was hamming it up for the camera!

It wasn’t fun coming home on Sunday. We’re having problems readjusting to Utah weather. It’s too damn cold here! LOL. I miss the tropical weather! I want warm sunshine!


5 thoughts on “Eastern Caribbean Cruise

  1. Megan D says:

    Ah man. I am so jealous! Those beaches look.amazing and I am so glad you weren’t on that carnival cruise. Lol. That would have been the worst. I am glad you had a fun and relaxing time.


  2. Kelsey Tucker says:

    love this post! I totally remember the Alfredo from when we went on princess- I think we got it for dinner almost every night! you look gorgeous!


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