15 weeks

So I thought after I announced our pregnancy that I’d get my mojo back to want to blog.
Especially since I’ve seen other friends chronicle their pregnancies on their blogs… the cute chalkboard with hand drawn details & darling belly pics & all that other cute stuff.

Well, let me just tell you a few things…

1. I don’t have a chalkboard, or a chalkboard wall (like my cute blog friend Amber).

2. I don’t have a cute pregnant belly. I just feel fat.
the only belly pic I’ve taken so far:
and I’m pretty sure it’s not baby… it’s just chub.

3. None of my clothes fit. Like… NONE of them. Worst of all, I’ve resorted to wearing sports bras because my boobs are growing at an OUT OF CONTROL rate. It’s mind boggling.

4. I really don’t feel pregnant.
I’m not sick. I had some queasiness during my first trimester but have not thrown up once. The queasiness was handled by eating – which brings me back to point #2. When we had a lunch date with Janae,

Candice asked me how I’ve been feeling, and I was like, “Oh, I’m good. How are you?” Not realizing that she was asking me because I had just announced the pregnancy the night before. Pregnancy brain, I has it. All that being said, I am so lucky that I haven’t been sick. I’ve had an easy pregnancy so far and I’m very thankful!

5. My workouts have been less than stellar. I’m still going to Elevated CrossFit 3 times a week. And I’m trying to run at least 3 times a week. But so far, I haven’t managed more than twice a week. For some reason, running has been exhausting me. And I’m only going 3-4 miles. It has gotten a little better these last 2 weeks, so I’m hoping I can get 3 runs in this week. As far as CrossFit goes, I still feel pretty strong in the strength-centric WODs, but the metcon style WODs just kill me. I did the CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.1 last week and didn’t do too bad.

and that’s pretty much why I haven’t been blogging.
‘cuz I feel like I have nothing to say (certainly nothing entertaining or thought provoking) HA.

So… who wants to go on a fro-yo date?
baby likes fro-yo. 😉


16 thoughts on “15 weeks

  1. Brittany says:

    Ashley I seriously loved this post! You are a true pregant woman! One day when you are holding your sweet baby you will forget all of this… I swear we forget because then we would never have another 😉 this in between stage is hard but once you feel your little baby move it is so awesome, one of the best feelings in the world. Love ya!


  2. Lydia says:

    Oh girl….you crawled in my head when you wrote this. I am several weeks behind you (8 on Saturday) but I so relate to most of this (although I do have a cute-ish black dry erase board wall…lol). I don’t have a really belly yet…just the same chub I had before, I don’t feel pregnant and have only had a queasy feeling if I go too long without eating (a few crackers normally fixes things), I swear I feel dumb sometimes with the pregnancy brain (and I know its only going to get worse), cant get motivated to go run AT ALL, strength is still there (deadlifted 205 this week) but the metcons KILL ME! All that being said – I am so thankful to feel good so far – the stories of friends puking immediately keep me hoping this is a sign I WON’T. Happy for you that you seem to be having such a great pregnancy so far and hope it continues that way! Can’t wait to see your belly pop (mine too)!!


  3. Lydia says:

    OH YEAH….and the boobs?! When do they stop growing?! I was already blessed/cursed in that department and went in to a maternity store yesterday and they don’t carry a size big enough for me? Seriously…I refused to budge past an E….for whatever comes next! Sports bra’s are the bomb right now!


    • Ashley says:

      OMG. I tried on a bigger bra and it still didn’t fit. I was laughing my ass off in the dressing room. I wasn’t in the mood to see exactly how much bigger I had gotten, so I left the store. Maybe I’ll go back this weekend.


  4. amanda says:

    I love it!!! Get ready for your girls to hit your chin. I remember sitting with my arms crossed and whoa! There they were! So stinking happy for you Ash! And just keep taking prego pics – you’ll want them later. I only have one 😦


    • Ashley says:

      I feel like once I actually LOOK pregnant I’ll want to take belly pics. I still just look chubby. LOL. Miss you girl! Are you visiting soon??


  5. Chelsea @ Cardio and Cocktails says:

    I am almost 21 weeks and I know exactly what you’re talking about! I just recently got a tiny bit of a baby bump but I have to dress correctly or else it just looks like I had a lot to eat (which I probably did). I was in nothing but sports bras until recently when it seems like the boobs have slowed down a little (I also think that’s also why the bump looks so small- in comparison!) I had to go to the UK for a 2 week work trip when I was 16 weeks and it was rough trying to find that many work-appropriate outfits that I felt comfortable in.
    You look great and I promise you’ll start feeling more comfortable with your body!


  6. Megan D says:

    Hellz yes to the fro yo date! I have also been looking for an excuse to get my favorite salad from Mountain West Burrito. Just sayin.

    Ross asked our friends with pregnant wives if they got dumber like I did. Charming. I seriously had to put sticky notes on EVERYTHING to remind me of just about everything. Good times.

    The inbetween stage is so hard. Sometimes I had wished I had a shirt that says ‘I am pregnant’! lol. I think you look great though and you are still exercising. Trust me, running 2x a week (even though you want to do 3) plus Crossfit is still a LOT more than most people do.


    • Megan D says:

      Also, let’s also talk the boob thing. You have seen how small I am. I have a bra in my underwear drawer that I wear only when I am pregnant that is a friggin D! Can’t my boobs be SOMEWHERE between both ends of the spectrum?? I mean, come on!


  7. kfabrunning says:

    You look fantastic! Never compare because we do it all differently and we all just want a healthy baby at the end. I had two sisters that were back in their jeans in a week and I was truly a beluga whale that took 2 years to get back into shape. It’s all good, my kids are healthy and so am I! That was also back when low fat high grain diets where the thing. Yikes!


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