Utah's Strongest Chick Competition

Last Saturday I got to compete in Elevated CrossFit‘s FIRST ‘Utah’s Strongest Chick’ competition. We threw the competition together kind of last-minute after the boys got to compete in ‘Utah’s Strongest Athlete’ competition (which, sadly, did not include the ladies) and we were all kind of jealous. We invited gyms from all over Utah County and SLC. We had 3 weight categories, plus a “Knocked Up” category (that was for me – Thanks Tyson!).

Here’s what we had to do:

Clean Ladder

2 RM Squat

Max Box Jump

40 yard Dash Tournament

Surprise Grip Challenge

I was just hoping a few pregnant girls would show up so I wouldn’t have to compete by myself.
I was surprised when I checked in and saw another pregnant girl, and let’s just say I highly underestimated the girl. πŸ˜‰


The clean ladder was definitely my favorite event. I worked my way up through the first row (up to 115 lbs) and then got to the second row, and got 125 lbs, 135 lbs, and 145 lbs with some ease – I think it was adrenaline. When I got the 155 lbs clean I was pleasantly surprised, plus it was a 10 lbs PR for me. It wasn’t pretty – here’s some evidence:

Trying to CLEAN 165

this is when I tried to clean 165 lbs. Apparently I have to hold my breath and puff my cheeks out like a chipmunk.

Deadlifts at 165

I tried to clean it twice, because Van only speaks “strongman” and told me to “pull”, which I assumed he meant ‘pull’ the bar higher, etc. And what he really meant was ‘DEADLIFT’. So I got 4 deadlifts for some extra points.

My pregnant friend (which is what I called her for most of the competition – real name Shantai) was right on my tail the whole time and when I quickly realized that I had severely underestimated her. She cleaned 155 lbs as well, but got more deadlifts.

Shantai 1, Ashley – 0

Then we moved on to box jumps – which I haven’t done in a long time. I just feel super unsteady when I do plyometric exercises and feel like I have to pee with every jump. I was happy I could still get 24 inches, and then decided to go for (wait for it… wait for it…) 25 inches. Shantai had more balls than me and went for 31 inches. I was happy to give her the win on this one. I was honestly happy I could still get my ass up on the 24 inch box!


Shantai – 2, Ashley – 0

a few more box jump pics of my ECF girls:

Jenie Box Jump

Jenie making it look EASY!

Kris Box Jump

Kris going for a huge PR!

Cayson Box Jump

Cayson also making it look easy!

Becca Box Jump


Becca going for a big jump!


Then it was on to the 2 RM Squats. Diz got bored and didn’t want to take pics anymore… so sadly… this portion will be photoless. For this part of the competition, we were given 3 attempts. For my first attempt, I started at 135 lbs. Shantai followed me and started with 145 lbs. So for my second attempt I did 155 lbs. Shantai did 165 lbs. (Do you see a trend here? lol). I chatted with her a bit to try to gauge what she’d try for her 3rd and final attempt. She said she’d stayed around 155 -165 lbs lately, so I assumed she’d go with 175 lbs. I chatted with Diz and asked him what he thought I should do, I was feeling great (no worries about the baby or anything) but I still wanted to gauge how he felt about what I was doing and he whispered – “beat her!” LOL. So for my final attempt I went with 180 lbs.
AND… she went with 185 lbs.

Shantai – 3, Ashley – ZERO

Then it was on to the 40 yd dash. I thought… maybe, just maybe I could take her on the run.
And then we ran… and she beat me. TWICE.
I may have uttered (loudly) a few naughty words and then busted up laughing and told her that I was pissed she kept winning!

Shantai – 4, Ashley – zero, zero, zero

I went up to Diz and I was like “WHO is this girl?! She’s kicking my trash!”

When it was our turn for the grip challenge (which is definitely a weakness of mine) I was not looking forward to it… at all. and rightly so.
and just to keep track –

Shantai – 5, Ashley – big FAT zero

So WHO is this epic-ly awesome pregnant chick? Well… she works out at SLC CrossFit and they all kick ass. A large group of girls came down and we were all in awe of them. They showed us up in the clean ladder, squats and box jumps. And they all have legs that are TO-DIE-FOR! Just amazing. And it’s no wonder they’ll be going to REGIONALS this year as a team. And my pregnant friend, Shantai, went to Regionals as an individual last year. (No, I’m not a stalker, we found this out during the competition…). So, I don’t feel too bad about being beat by a regionals competitor. πŸ˜‰


Our awesome Coaches at ECF (and judges) – Tanner, Alan, and Tyson (and that’s Kevin on the far left who also helped judge)
ECF's Strongest Chicks

All the awesome ECF girls after the competition. (me, Becca, Cayson, Jenie, & Kris)

Jenie ended up in a tie-breaker Deadlift competition for first place and kicked ASS with a 255 lb deadlift!

So even though I was just a little sad that I got second place, (*cough cough* out of 2 people *cough cough*) I really did have a good time competing with Shantai (and all the other girls, too). She’s pregnant with her first baby and it’s a boy, too. And she’s a few weeks ahead of me (she’s 23 weeks).Β It was great to see someone else who’s pregnant doing CrossFit (and doing it WELL!). We got to chat about all things Pregnant Chick/CrossFit related. πŸ˜‰

I honestly would NOT have pushed myself like I did if Shantai hadn’t been there. I didn’t realize how much strength I still had in me. Not only did I underestimate Shantai, but I’ve been underestimating myself, too. Granted, I can’t (and don’t) push myself ALL the time. But it was nice to see a little bit of the old (pre-pregnancy) me and makes me really look forward to getting back to CrossFit 110% after the baby gets here. πŸ™‚

And I am extremely proud of my fellow ECF girls who got new PRs! Jenie on her deadlift and squat, Kris on her box jump (even though her shins took a serious beating), & Cayson on her squat.

Huge shout out to SLC CrossFit for bringing their kick ass REGIONALS team down and giving us motivation to be able to meet them there in 2014! πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Utah's Strongest Chick Competition

  1. Megan D says:

    You are amazing Ash! I don’t think I could do any of that now, not pregnant! Lol. So I hope you aren’t down on yourself because of your other ‘pregnant friend’ πŸ˜‰ cause I am in awe. Way to friggin go!! That baby is going to come out lifting weights!


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