Reasons Why I LOVE the CrossFit community

You all know that I LOVE CrossFit. (It was love at first WOD way back in October 2011.)

I’ve realized something this week. There is no family like CrossFit family. Earlier this week, fellow mother and CrossFit athlete, Katrina Lawrence, passed away while giving birth to her 6th child. You can read the KSL article HERE.  Katrina was an athlete at Viking CrossFit (my old stomping grounds and where my love for CrossFit started), and though I didn’t know her or her husband, Justus, that well, I was still deeply affected by the loss of a fellow mother and CrossFitter. Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones. Maybe it’s the fact that she lost her life while giving her son his. And that fact hits close to home. What mother wouldn’t give her life for her child?

Viking CrossFit mentioned yesterday that they were planning a WOD to honor Katrina and her husband and 6 kids. And I knew then that I had to go and honor her this morning. The WOD was perfect.

34 Box Jumps for Justus (24in/20in)

Then 6 Rounds of the Following:
-14 Kettlebell Swings / for KAI the Intellectual (1.5pood/1pood),
-12 Front Squats / for TE the Karate Man (135lb/95lb),
-11 HSPU / for MAYA the gymnast,
-8 Burpees / for DAX the crazy man,
-3 Squat Cleans / for KOA who loves to leave everything clean (NOT!) (135lb/95lb)
-1 Thruster / for Jet Li the new baby thrusting himself into this world! (135lb/95lb)

Then finish with 36 Box Jumps for Katrina (24in/20in)

the reps are the ages of Katrina & Justus and their kids, and the rounds (6) for their 6 kids.
I had to modify a few movements and weight, but that’s not important. I was just happy to be able to be there with the other Viking CrossFit athletes and with their great coaches, Marcee and Vance, and honor the Lawrence family.

All day, Viking has been putting up pictures of people doing the WOD, including other gyms that have done it.

183070_554236057953079_495899221_n 463922_10200681379231342_1605348234_o 948775_10200596105077959_1774344464_opics taken from Viking CrossFit’s facebook page

The thing that really got to me was this letter that Vance wrote to CrossFit HQ –

To Whom it may concern at CrossFit HQ,

My name is James Vance, I am an avid CrossFitter for 4 years now, police officer full time with Orem Department of Public Safety, level I certified trainer with Viking CrossFit in Orem, UT and father of 4. I’m emailing you today to see if it was possible to make a certified Hero WOD after a very close friend and fellow CrossFitter, who passed away this past Monday.

I met Katrina Galbraith Lawrence at our box three years ago and during that time our families have become very close. Her husband, Justus Lawrence and I have competed in three open season’s and she has always been there to support us in our different competitions throughout our county and State. I have copied and pasted right off our web site what is going on and the support our local CrossFit community is giving the family. To summarize Katrina gave her life this past Monday giving birth to her 6th child. She and Justus thought they were done a 5, but later felt strongly they were suppose to have another. She did CrossFit Mom until the doctor said no more and put her in the hospital for the past month. Katrina was a fighter and after 20 pints of blood given during her fight to stay alive she moved on and went to the other side to be with her Creator (trying not to get too religious on you).

I feel with today’s CrossFit family and who is doing CrossFit across the world she represents what it has become. Normal people doing extraordinarily things. Hero WODs are a part of my weekly programing and believe nothing says Hero like a mother giving up her life for her children. I’m not implying our fallen soldiers aren’t worth their WODs, but I believe if you had known Katrina Lawrence you would feel she is more hero then anyone I know in Law Enforcement professional and anyone else I know.

Please look into this and please get a hold of me on Facebook and see what is being done locally here to honor her. As far as I know there are at least 5 other gyms locally doing her WOD today. It was completed by our gym and any who wanted to join us. I’m not asking for any donations or organized activity to raise money (though that would be cool), I just think it would honor the best person I have ever had the privileged to know.

Thank you for your time,

James Vance


I was moved to tears by his words.

THIS is why I love the CrossFit community, and the family that is formed inside the gym. The fact that we would do anything for our family. That we love our CrossFit family like our own flesh and blood.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to the Lawrence family.


3 thoughts on “Reasons Why I LOVE the CrossFit community

  1. theblondehairblueeyedrunner says:

    Seriously you need to convert me, this looks awesome! But also very intimidating lol loved chatting with you Saturday, hope to see you again soon! So many ppl knew Katrina, her story is sooo sad. That’s awesome to hear that she was avid into crossfit, she really was such an inspiration to so many people.


    • Ashley says:

      I’d love to have you join me at the gym anytime! Anyone can come for a free workout! 🙂

      Katrina was a huge inspiration. I know Viking CrossFit is having a HUGE fundraiser for her on the 25th. 🙂


  2. Lauren says:

    For me crossfit is good as a warming up activity. But then there is nothing as effective as strength training. I really like when it makes me sweat. To get prepared to the most tough workouts I am taking Military Grade Nutritionals. Awesome nutritional supplements, which provide perfect energy and endurance.


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