the most EPIC catch up post

I know it’s been awhile since I blogged… and a long time since I blogged about anything besides Baby Urie.

So… be prepared for a lot of catching up on what’s been going around here.


we got a NEW car!!

I have had my Jeep Wrangler since 2001 and I have LOVED it! But we knew it was time to upgrade to a more family friendly vehicle. After weeks and weeks of searching on KSL, going to dealers, & dealing with sales people we finally figured out that we wanted a small SUV with 4 wheel drive and lots of cargo space (gotta hold Olivia’s crate and baby stuff!). We decided we really liked the Hyundai Santa Fe. We found one at a small dealer in Provo, and tried to wheel & deal, but couldn’t quite come to a deal. The dealer ended up selling that one (I was so sad! I thought they’d give in and call and take our offer…), but they did get an identical one in a week later (with slightly higher mileage) and we were able to come to a deal on that one. Huge thanks to my Daddy, who is the car-buyer extraordinaire and knows how to talk with dealers and all the car mumb0-jumbo talk and got us the deal! We are now owners of a 2012 Santa Fe!



We got a giftcard to the Zermatt Resort for Christmas a few years back and had never used it. At the end of May I decided we needed to finally use that giftcard! We ended up going the weekend after our anniversary to celebrate 5 years of marriage and our last vacation before Baby Urie arrives. We went up on Saturday early afternoon, got some gelato, then hung out by the pool (with all the kidlets and families that were there…), around 5pm all the families left and it was just us and a few other couples, it was finally relaxing and quiet! lol. We enjoyed the peace and quiet for a little while then decided it was time to go eat dinner. We had a yummy pizza at Matty’s Bistro and then hit the hay. Sunday morning we slept in (it was glorious!) and then we hit the brunch at Z’s (it was good, but expensive! yikes!). Then we headed up to Park City to hit the outlets. Let’s just say Baby Urie is the only one that ended up getting anything. It was a nice weekend and we enjoyed a little R & R. 😉


IMG_20130623_171532the Carter’s outlet is amazing… we could have spent a LOT of money!! Diz was all about the stuffed animals!

Bionic Momma

Another reason that I’ve been away from the blog is because my Momma had back surgery. I don’t want to get into too many details – so long story, short – she was training for Ogden, had nagging back & butt pain, saw a Dr, had a CT scan, then an MRI, then a consultation with the neurosurgeon… found out she needed surgery to fix the problem… and she had surgery last Thursday. She had a L4-L5 fusion and decompression. She’s kicking ass at recovery and was out of the hospital by Saturday, and back to work on Friday (just a half day). She’s been walking a ton! Those that know my Mom know that she is not one to sit still and relax very often, so it’s been hard for her to take it easy. 😉 She’ll have to take 6 months off of running, but will be back at it as soon as she can. We’ve even contemplated signing up for a spring half marathon (to motivate us BOTH to get back into shape!). Check out her hardware!!

Momma's Hardware

those screws are about 2 inches long! and she has 4 of them!!

Closet Re-Do

I’ve been asking Diz to re-do our closets since we moved into our apartment a few years ago. He actually did most of the finish carpentry in our apartment and the rest of the house (we live in a basement apartment). Our “silly” landlord only had him install single rods in both of our bedroom closets. Which is not the best use of space, in my opinion. We’d been hanging all of our ‘nice’ clothes (church clothes, dresses, suits, etc) and winter coats in our second bedroom but we needed to make space for the baby’s clothes! So Diz went to work and had it installed within a few hours, and was not too happy when I told him he needed to re-do our closet too (even though that was part of the plan ALL along). He was a good hubby and did our closet too. The pain in the ass part was painting! We had to tape off all the carpet and cover all our furniture and ended up using 2 different paint sprayers and rollers and after a long night and many swear words it was finally done! And they turned out perfect!


I was finally able to move all the baby stuff from INSIDE the crib to the closet. And this weekend I worked on getting the rest of the shiz put away. We’ve basically been using our second bedroom as a junk room/storage for everything else that didn’t really have a ‘home’ anywhere else in our apartment. So I’ve been organizing and finding permanent ‘homes’ for everything else.

So now that the nursery is (almost) all organized – who wants to help me decorate? I’ve been scouring Pinterest for inspiration, but I have no clue what I really want to do.


So yeah… that’s what we’ve been up to lately.
I know I need to blog more… but sometimes sleep just sounds better. 🙂 My pregnant friends surely understand where I’m coming from.


4 thoughts on “the most EPIC catch up post

  1. Megan D says:

    Sleep is ALWAYS better when pregnant. lol. The closet looks great. Sounds like nesting has kicked in for sure. I would help with decorating, but I suck at it. Actually, I know what I like and I think I would be good at it…if I had unlimited funds. Cause that is what it is holding me back. Why is everything so effing expensive, And I am not crafty in the slightest. Good luck with it all! I am sure whatever you do it will turn out super cute. Not much longer till baby Urie is here. Yay!


    • Ash & Diz says:

      yes… if only finances had nothing to do with it! I’d love to do one of those ABC walls (with all the different sizes and decorated alphabet letters) – and I’m actually pretty crafty – but the thought of having to decorate 26 letters exhausts me.


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