32 weeks!

Holy smokes… I’m a little behind on the baby updates! Life has just been busy, like I mentioned in my last post.

32 weeks

How far along? 32 Weeks! HOLY SHIT! I’m in the single digit week countdown! That kind of freaks me out. Baby Urie is almost 4 pounds and could be 19 inches long (according to What to Expect). There is a good chance he’s already in the head down position. It wouldn’t surprise me because I can definitely feel something  up in my right rib cage – I’m guessing his little booty. 😉 I’m feeling a lot of movement, not so much jabs and kicks, but like rolling and stretching, like he’s trying to stand up in my belly.

Total weight gain: I feel as huge as a house, so however many pounds that equals.

Maternity clothes? Yes. I finally figured out how the magic of the maxi dress. But… I do have to wear these suckers… because my legs get serious chub chafe.

Stretch marks? Oh YEAH baby! On my belly and thighs. Oh well… nothing I can do about it now. And don’t tell me about some magic belly cream. If you’re gonna get stretch marks, you’re gonna get them… if you don’t, count your blessings.

Sleep: Sleep is okay. Not great, but not bad. Definitely feeling more fatigue now. My Doctor (in the office where I work) was gone for 2 weeks and it’s been bananas crazy just in the last 2 days and I’m exhausted, in fact I passed out before 9pm last night. Like OUT. woke up around midnight and then proceeded to toss and turn for the rest of the night.

Best moment this week: Getting the nursery ready to decorate. It’s no longer a shit-hole-catch-all, it actually looks like a bedroom!

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my stomach! Oh I miss it! Lifting heavy at CrossFit.

Movement: Lots of movement! Sometimes he’ll surprise me and jab me in the ribs and it’s just the coolest thing. I’ll start talking to him and ask him what he’s doing and he kicks even more. 🙂

Food cravings: Still loving snowies and slurpees. and milk. I wake up in the night to go pee and hit the fridge for a glass of milk.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really. But I can tell my stomach is getting squished. When I eat I feel stuffed, regardless of how much I eat. ugh.

Gender: Boy

Labor Signs: No

Symptoms: Some swelling in my lower legs and hands. It’s not so fun. I’m afraid my doctor will tell me that she wants me to start wearing compression socks and it’s just too damn hot for that.

Belly Button in or out? Still in, but I know it’ll pop soon.

Wedding rings on or off? Umm… on sometimes. Or I wear my fake $8 claires ring (that gets a SHIT-TON of compliments all the time). Sometimes I’ll tell them the truth, and sometimes I just say thank you. lol.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Usually pretty happy. I had a little breakdown during the closet project because the fan tipped over and hit the crib and some of the color transferred onto the crib. It didn’t scratch it or dent it, but I lost it. Like full-on, hysterically bawling. I thought I ruined the crib. Diz saved the day and got the color off.

Looking forward to: My first baby shower is next week! I’m so excited! My work is giving me one on Wednesday! 🙂 AND I think I figured out that I want to do an ABC wall in the nursery. If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll see that I’ve been pinning lots of ABC walls for ideas.


4 thoughts on “32 weeks!

  1. Sarah says:

    I’m 27 weeks and wouldn’t be surviving the summer without those shorties from Motherhood Maternity – such lifesavers for chub rub! I’ve really loved following along in your pregnancy as I’m only a few weeks behind you 🙂 I’ve found myself getting super frustrated when I’m asked what I miss and I say “CrossFit and running” and people give me eye rolls… its nice to know I’m not alone! Congrats, you’re so close!


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