35 weeks (and 2 days!)

35 weeks

How far along? 35 Weeks (and 2 days)! Baby Urie is 5 1/2 pounds and probably 20 inches long (according to What to Expect). Most of his physical development is done. His job now is just adding fat. #YayChubRolls! At my last appt, my Dr. said he was already head down! His big booty is still in my ribs all day long! ;) I’m still feeling a lot of movement, lots of pushing and small kicks.

Total weight gain: I think this is actually (finally) slowing down. It helps that my stomach is getting squished, I get full very easily, so meals are smaller. But then… I get hungry an hour after I eat… so I dunno. I’ve gained a lot. Whatever.

Maternity clothes? You know it!

Stretch marks? Oh YEAH baby! Spreading out across my belly and on my love handles. They’re a lovely shade of magenta. Wanna see? (too bad, those are pics that will 1. never be taken. 2. never shared.)

Sleep: Sleep is okay. For the most part, I’m sleeping through the night with 1 -2 potty breaks. Some nights I have the hardest time falling asleep after I wake up, but I think that’s due to my mind racing about all the things we have to get ready for and there are some nights that I just can’t get comfortable (but not that often).

Best moment this week:  I’ve completed the alphabet wall. Well, let me rephrase – I have all the letters, now I gotta get all crafty and pinterest-y and paint/mod-podge my little heart out.

Miss Anything? I really can’t wait to sleep on my stomach. I miss my strength at CrossFit, it’s quickly dwindling. And I actually miss running. I see people running on the street and I just want to get out there sans belly and run (without my hips aching and bladder trying to empty).

Movement: Oh yeah. I can pretty much put my hand on my belly and feel where he is. I can push him out of my ribs and I can feel him adjusting his position. Josh (my brother) felt him move for the first time last weekend, and he had this look of horror/amazement and said “it’s ALIVE!”. LOL. Yes… that’s kind of the point. 😉

Food cravings: Still loving snowies, slurpees, and milk. We just got a Ninja blender and I’ve been making smoothies for breakfast. But now I just find myself eating all the frozen pineapple. SO GOOD!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really. I had some raspberry lemonade the other day and, oh my, I had my first episode of heartburn. Ick!

Gender: Boy

Labor Signs: No, I think I might be having some Braxton Hicks… but I’m not positive. Just some tightness and a little discomfort (usually when I’m walking Olivia, so longer walks).

Symptoms: Swelling in my lower legs and hands. And my hips are getting achy. The best way I can describe it is I feel like a Barbie doll that’s had her legs popped off at the hip joint and re-attached. And those suckers just don’t fit the way they originally did. LOL.

Belly Button in or out? Still in, but it’s flattening. I’m waiting for the morning I wake up and it’s popped out.

Wedding rings on or off? Umm… does my fake ring count? ‘Cuz that still fits.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Usually pretty happy. Unless I get overheated, then I get mean. I don’t like sweating. Over the heat. Blech! We had a rainy day here this week and I was in heaven. The temps were in the 60’s. #LovedEveryMinute

Looking forward to: My Mom and Aunt Kimmie are throwing me a baby shower this weekend. I’m looking forward to spending time with family and friends and catching up with everyone! And my Mom got cheesecake from Costco. YUM. And… let’s be honest… baby Urie will be here before we know it. 33 days (’til I’m due). P.S. did I ever mention that I got my due date wrong in the beginning. The NP at my OB office told me I was due Sept 9… BUT… I’m actually due Sept 3rd. Knowing my luck I will go over and deliver on Sept 9th. Though I really don’t want to go early. I just want him to be healthy (and maybe a little chunky) and happy and come when he’s ready. 😉


4 thoughts on “35 weeks (and 2 days!)

  1. Megan D says:

    I am pretty stoked for baby Urie to make his arrival. He is going to be one handsome and loved little boy.

    You look great. The end is not always the funnest, but you have such a great attitude. Waaaay better than I was my 1st time. I complained. A lot. Speaking of, I am sorry that my house was so warm yesterday. The kitchen is always the hottest or coldest (in the winter) part of our house. We should have totally gone into the living room…but then we would have been away from the food…and that would have been traumatic!

    I am so happy I get to see you again tomorrow. Yay!


  2. Shannon says:

    Yay! You look great and so happy :).
    I’ve been wondering about your due date… You said you were due the 9th but were always ahead of me on updates (I’m due the 7th so 35 weeks tomorrow). I thought maybe you doctor calculated things differently than mine ;).
    My baby shower is tomorrow too!! I hope you have a GREAT time.


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