Ford's Nursery

So I feel like after I blogged about Ford’s birth story, the next blog should be about his nursery… Isn’t that what new Mommas do??



I mentioned the alphabet wall a few times during my pregnancy updates… so I figured you guys might want to see the finished product. (It’s been shared on IG, but the pics don’t do it justice)


I think it turned out pretty great. Most of the letters came from Hobby Lobby and Wood Connection (in American Fork). Some of the letters (B, F, H, K, O (the button), S, & T) are just straight from the shelf – meaning I didn’t paint or alter them at all, except the F – it had a rhinestone flower on it, I tore it off and added some twine and a rusty star that I got from Wood Connection. The rest of the letters I either painted or modge-podged with scrapbook paper, then added some tiny details like ribbon and buttons and some distressing (sand paper and inked the edges).


Where I spend a LOT of time. Nursing my little man. My ipad helps pass the time, Ford likes to nurse for a long time! I listen to Pandora or watch shows or just check the news (ok… I get on FB too!) lol!


Another place where I spend a lot of time! Changing diapers! We got the Ford box at Hobby Lobby – it’s the perfect size to hold diapers and wipes and lotion and bum creams! We got the dresser off of KSL classifieds a long time ago for a great deal and it matches the crib perfectly! The wall above the dresser is completely empty, but we are planning on framing a bunch of his newborn pictures and putting them up there. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to show you his newborn pics. OMG. They are amazing!

and last but not least – his toy box


We have to keep it elevated because Olivia thinks those are HER toys. She’s already got the little Boo dog and the Winnie the Pooh rattle. Luckily, we got them away from her before she did any damage. Ha! And the Ford box came from Hobby Lobby as well. There’s another one on the shelf above my ‘nursing station’ – also from Hobby Lobby.

and that’s it… Our living room is also baby central. We have his pack and play, swing and bouncer out there. He’s a little unsure of his bouncer and swing – some days he likes it, others he hates it! LOL. Tough life of baby Ford. πŸ˜‰



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