Ford – 1 month


I can’t believe our little man is already a month old! It seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital with him!

What’s going on with Ford at 1 month:

Diz and I are so in LOVE with him.

He makes the cutest little noises when he nurses and when he’s falling asleep.

Everyone says he looks just like Diz – except the nose – that’s ALL me. But, when I look at him, all I see is a DANG CUTE baby.

He gets really upset when he has a wet diaper. Like, REALLY mad.

By his 2 week check he was up to 8lbs 12oz, I have no idea where he is now, I’d guess close to 9.5-10lbs.

He hates getting strapped into his carseat, but once we are in the car he almost always falls asleep.

He likes going for walks in his stroller – I need to get out more – it’s good for both of us to get some sunshine!

There is nothing better than a sleeping baby on your chest – NOTHING.

He has a love-hate relationship with the bath. Some nights he loves it and hardly cries – other nights, he cries the whole time.

We put him in his crib a few nights after we got home from the hospital and he has been sleeping like a champ. Usually going 4 hours between feedings.

Likes his binkie – sometimes. 😉

Olivia is finally getting used to him. I think she’s finally realized he’s here to stay. She licks his hands, ears and top of head. She doesn’t like it when he cries and usually wants to go outside if he gets really fussy.

Loves his brown cozy blanket. I swear we wrap him in that and he’s OUT. It’s magical. 😉

Ford's First Bath


Gma & Gpa


1 day vs 1 month


5 thoughts on “Ford – 1 month

  1. Megan D says:

    I am so glad things seem to be going well. He really is so dang cute. I think I need to come and see him (and you) again. I can’t believe he is a month already!!


    • Ashley says:

      I would love to have visitors! 🙂 Only 2 weeks until I have to go back to work (Waa Waa) – so lets plan something soon. p.s. I want to hear all about Disneyland!


  2. Molly @ Small Town, Big Runs says:

    I just still cannot believe your darling baby boy’s name is Ford. My youngest (2.5 years old) nephew’s name is Ford!!! I NEVER in a million-trillion years thought I would encounter this name. Technically his name is Stephen Ambrose + last name, but you can call him Ford 😉 ….we obviously live in a small town,”

    I like your blog and I am glad I found it!


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