Ford’s Baptism

We got Ford baptized on Saturday, November 9th at my church, St. Francis of Assisi. (For those of you who might not know, I am Catholic. Sundance was raised in the LDS church, but is no longer active.)


We had all our family there for the baptism ceremony (I wish I had gotten a big group photo). It was so nice to have everyone there to celebrate with us. I’m sure my Grandma Marge was watching from heaven with a big smile on her face. St. Francis is the same church where my Mom (& all my aunts & uncles) got baptized, her first communion, and her conformation. The church used to be in Provo, but was moved to Orem about 13 years ago. About a year and a half ago, they finally finished constructing our new church. And it’s beautiful! Grandma Marge would be so pleased with it! 😉


I chose my brother Josh and my Aunt Kimmie to be Ford’s godparents. The role of the godparent is to help guide the child through the church, encourage them to stay involved and make sure they understand the importance of the church. In the older days of the church, it was custom for the godparents to take custody of the child if anything happened to the parents. (Josh has already said he gets Ford if I die – he’s calling dibs – I don’t blame him, Ford’s a great baby & super cute, too!) Let’s hope Diz & I will be around for a while to raise the lil’ guy.


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