Ford 3 months

I can’t believe my little boy is already 3 months. He is such a cute little stinker and I’m pretty sure I fall more in love with him every day. He is such a happy baby. Sure, he gets fussy when he’s hungry or tired, but when he has one of those meltdown type fits (or what my Mom calls “hollering”) I will sometimes check his temperature because I think he might be sick or running a fever because he just rarely gets mad like that. (It’s not obvious that I’m a first time mom, right?!)


Weight: 13 pounds 2 ounces at 12 weeks

Height: 25 inches

Doctor Appt: Had to take him in on Black Friday for what was basically diaper rash. :/ I changed his diaper at a store and saw some swelling and what looked like blisters. Ugh. I felt horrible! By the time I got him to the Dr it had actually improved quite a bit, but I was still worried. While we were there she noticed Ford is favoring his right side. So we are starting to stretch his neck to his left shoulder and turn his head to the left.  Basically trying to avoid torticollis.

Nicknames: Baby Ford, Bubbie, Bub, Bubba

Eating: taking 4-6oz bottles at daycare (usually 3 6oz bottles and 1 4oz bottle, I send 3 4oz bottles of breast milk and they do the rest in formula) and nursing once in the morning before work and 2-3 times at night, before bed. Occasionally I’ll give him 2oz formula after his last nursing session at night if he seems like he’s still hungry.


Sleeping: He has continued to sleep through the night. There was only one night that made me feel like it was our first night home. I spent the night in the rocking chair with him. When he was finally down for the “night”, it was 5am and I crawled back into bed and slept a few more hours.  I checked my wonder weeks app and it was a leap week, so that was probably the culprit. I still rock him to sleep for naps and bedtime. And there are many nights when I fall asleep in the rocking chair with him, but I love that snuggly time and I’m not ready to give it up yet. He’s still swaddled (in the swaddleme pouch) at bedtime, too. Occasionally if he hasn’t napped well in the morning I’ll swaddle him in the pouch for an afternoon nap. He breaks out of the Aden and Anais blankets (or any blanket, really), so the swaddleme pouches are a lifesaver.

Diapers: in size 2 diapers! My favorite is still Huggies. Though we have some Babies R Us from a diaper cake to use and some Target ones that look like elf pants. They are adorable. 🙂

Clothing: mostly 3 month and some 3-6 month stuff. I still love the basic sleeper footie jammies. The fleece Carter’s ones are my favorites. I feel like I change him from one set of jammies to another, but I just feel like baby jeans can’t be all that comfy! LOL.

Social: Smiling up a storm. I swear, when he smiles at you it just melts your heart. My brother and his girlfriend Jen babysat him while I was at the gym and got him to laugh! They got a video of it. I’ll see if I can attach it. He’s also starting to babble quite a bit. It’s pretty cute.


Likes: eating, baths, his oball rattle, singing Christmas carols and the ABCs, chewing on his hands.

Dislikes: wet diapers, being hungry

Momma: Doing well. I feel like we are settling into a routine with work & daycare. If only I could figure out time to workout and get to the gym. It’s tough when I get home from work, all I want to do is sit on the couch and snuggle! Work has been very busy too with end of the year deductible craziness so I’m not getting home as early as I usually do, maybe January will calm down a bit and I’ll be able to get more of a fitness regimen going.

Daddy: Diz is such a great daddy. He still gets a bit nervous when Ford is fussy and won’t calm down. But I’ve been better at leaving him to do his thing and figure it out and not barge in and takeover. Ford did blowout on him the other day and he about died. He was so grossed out and I just laughed. (Ford went right into the tub! It was nasty!)

Fun things we did: had Thanksgiving dinner with both sides of the family. Got lots of snuggles from aunts & cousins. & my talented sis-in-law made him the most adorable elf hat! Diz and I also had our first baby free date night. Saw Catching Fire and had dinner at Wingers – Grandma & Grandpa had so much fun with him.

What we’re looking forward to: CHRISTMAS!  I want to go to Temple Square and look at the lights with him. And we need to go see Santa! His daycare has a Santa visit planned on Friday, but I missed it! They will send me the pictures soon, I hope!


3 month comparison

I dropped the ball and forgot about the frame this month. Oh well…
I’ll redeem myself next month!


6 thoughts on “Ford 3 months

  1. Ashley@cupcakesncrunches says:

    Ford is beautiful! He seems so tiny compared to my little guy! My baby boy is almost 11 weeks & weighing in at over 15 pounds! He’s my little chunk!

    & I know what you mean about finding time to workout. I woke up this morning & immediately decided working out wasn’t going to happen because I had other things on my to do list & the reality is with a newborn you just can’t get it ALL done in a day!


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