Ford 4 months

My baby is 4 months! How is this possible?! I swear he was just born yesterday. As a new mom you hear “enjoy every little moment because they grow up so fast” and I used to think, “yeah, yeah, yeah” – but you know what?! It’s true! There are days when I wake up and get him out of the crib and I swear he’s grown an inch or two and gained a few pounds. I sure love this little man of mine.



Weight: 15 lbs, 8 oz

Height: 26.5 in

Doctor Appt: Ford is doing great. His NP is pleased with his growth and health. He’s still favoring his right side, but has improved. We still need to work on stretching his neck to the left and turning to the left. He got 3 vaccines (2 shots & one liquid). He fussed right after but calmed down pretty easily when I fed him. I dropped him off at daycare in good spirits. However, it didn’t last long. They called me at 4:30 and told me he was really upset and that he’d had 3 bottles (in a 3.5 hr time) and that they thought he needed some Tylenol. I grabbed my stuff from work, stopped at the pharmacy on my way and got there as quickly as I could. I brought the Tylenol with me and gave him some. He hated it! He was gagging and spitting it back out. Silly boy. I do think it helped because he took a solid 2 hour nap afterwards.

Nicknames: Baby Ford, Bubbie, Bub, Bubba, Handsome (<—- added by Diz, lol).

Eating: He’s a Piggie! I think he’s been going through a bit of a growth spurt this last week. He just wants to eat ALL the food! Still nursing when I’m home. Pumping at work and supplementing with formula. He doesn’t care if it’s breast milk or formula – as long as it’s warm and he can have it RIGHT NOW!

Sleeping: We have been blessed with a great sleeper. He goes down to bed between 9:30-10:30 and sleeps until 7ish, unless I have to wake him up to go to work early (Mondays & Tuesdays). If it’s a late day at work or weekend I just let him sleep. He’ll sometimes go 11 hours!!


his new “trick” – scooting around in the middle of the night & turning 90 degrees in his crib. He scootches so far to one edge that his angelcare monitor doesn’t sense his movement and the alarm sounds, so I have to go in and move him back to the center of his crib. He’s close to rolling over (I think) so we will have to wean him out of the swaddle. (which scares the crap out of me!)

Diapers: Rocking the Huggies size 2s.

Clothing: Officially retired his 3 month clothes and packed them up! So he’s 3-6month size and 6 month size. He’s growing like a weed!

Social: Starting to laugh a lot more. Turns to voices, making eye contact, giving the biggest smiles. It’s so fun to see him engaging more with us and other family members. His teachers at daycare comment all the time on what a sweet boy he is and how he’s always smiling.

IMG_0326Someone found their tongue! He’s always sticking his tongue out now.

Likes: Eating ALL the food, bath time, pulling on Momma’s hair and necklaces, putting his hands in his mouth, playing on his activity mat.


Dislikes: Being hungry, sore legs from vaccinations, wet diapers, the taste of Tylenol

Momma: Been an emotional month after losing my Grandpa. With the holidays and then my Grandpa getting sick and hospitalized, I hardly worked out at all. Today at work I finally printed a training schedule for the half marathon. I’m signed up to run Ogden in May. In a perfect world, I would love to start running 3 days a week and getting to Elevated CF 3 times a week.

Daddy: Diz had a shitty month. 😉 “Oh Gawd… it’s on my leg!”


Fun things we did:
Spent time with family for Christmas. Met a lot of the Urie relatives for the first time on Christmas day. (which I still need to blog about) Met Santa at Riverwoods.

IMG_0329his favorite Christmas gift from Jen & Maisyn – his sock monkey stuffed animal.

What we’re looking forward to: I’m planning on getting his gallery wall done in his nursery. I have all these wonderful photos of Ford thanks to Kristina Curtis Photography, but I haven’t printed ANY of them. We also plan on going up to my parents cabin soon, taking Ford to play in the snow, and snowmobiling!




He’s definitely filling out. His cheeks are so chubby! & check out the delicious rolls on his thighs! Sometimes (okay… a lot of times) I call him “Chubby Bubbie”. SO cute! I think his hair is starting to lighten up a bit, too. He’s probably gonna be a blondie like his Momma!


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