Ford 6 months


How is my little man already 6 months?!
Time is just flying by. I swear I’ll be posting about his first birthday before I know it. Ford is such a sweet little guy. He is really starting to interact with us more and it’s just SO much fun to see him growing and learning new things. (but, at the same time, I wish time would slow down!)

(side note: I started writing this a few days before Ford turned 6 months and somehow never posted the dang blog! Now that we’re closer to 7 months than 6 months I guess I’ll post it! ha! I’ll probably date the post for the actual 6 month date – so I don’t look like such a crappy blogger!)

Weight: 19 lbs 12.5 oz

Height: 28 in

Doctor Appt: His NP is in love with Ford. She commented on his social behavior and liked that he seemed so interactive with her. She didn’t mention his torticollis, so I’m pretty sure he’s “outgrown” it. He is not rolling over much at this point, but… I think that’s partly our fault. When we get him home at the end of the day we hold him and snoodle him a lot… so he’s rarely on the ground. 😉 And he’s all better from the RSV/ear infection nonsense we dealt with last month.

Nicknames: Baby Ford, Bubbie, Bub, Bubba, Mr. Ford, Fordy-Ford, Handsome Boy


Eating: this kid loves to eat!!! Taking 6 (sometimes 5) bottles a day, 5-6oz each. We just started rice cereal a few days ago. We tried a little bit of squash over the weekend. He didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it either. We’re only doing it once a day at this point, sometimes in the morning, sometimes at night.



first taste of rice cereal

obviously, not a fan…

Sleeping: Still a great sleeper! Averages 8-10 hours a night. Takes 3-4 naps during the day. One long nap (90mins – 2.5 hours) & two shorter 45min-1 hour naps, if we’re lucky he’ll take a short catnap before his bath/bedtime routine. We’ve also stopped using the swaddle pods. I was only swaddling one arm for a few weeks and he’d always break out of it by morning anyways, so one night I just put him down with his blankie and he did fine. (Much easier than I thought it’d be- though I still rock him to sleep so that’s the next habit we’re going to work on. And no, I haven’t finished reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby – It’s on my nightstand. I’ll read it sometime!)

Diapers: In size 3s.

Clothing: Still wearing some 3-6 month jammies and some 3-6 month outfits, but the majority of his stuff is 6 month size. We just got a bunch of hand me downs from a friend of ours and can’t wait to rock some cute spring and summer outfits!

Social/Milestones: He is not rolling over much at this point, but… I think that’s partly our fault. When we get him home at the end of the day we hold him and snoodle him a lot… so he’s rarely on the ground. 😉 He is sitting up like a champ though. He can sit up by himself for quite a while before he topples over. He is still my smiley – happy – lovey dovey baby. He loves to “talk” and hear himself yell. He loves looking in the mirror! And he’s really starting to interact with Olivia a lot more (and Olivia is in HEAVEN!) and she loves that he is FINALLY paying attention to her! Oh yeah – he finally found out that he can chew on his toes!

IMG_0086go UTES!

Likes: Eating – all the time! Bouncing in his exersaucer. Playing with the humidifier (it lights up and he gets so entranced by it – out of all the toys we have – he likes that dang humidifier!) Pulling on Olivia’s whiskers and ears. Pulling Mom’s hair and necklaces. Grabbing lips and noses of anyone holding him.

IMG_0113Oh my… those baby blues! oooh!


Dislikes: Wet diapers – still. (I mean, I don’t blame the kid – but he gets PISSED when he has a wet diaper!) When the bottle is gone. Getting out of the bathtub. Getting his nose wiped. (the horror! 😉 )

Momma: Still struggling with finding time to exercise. We started a Biggest Loser competition at work and I’m hoping it will kick start my motivation to get my butt in gear. I’m so ready to get back into shape!

Daddy: Ford loves his Daddy! Always has smiles for his Dad! And I’m really starting to see the resemblance in Ford. When Ford smiles he gets a little droopy brow on one side and that is SO Sundance!

Fun things we did: Had our 6 month photoshoot with Kristina Curtis Photography, but it’ll be a few weeks until we get them back (it’s the beginning of wedding season and she’s busy), I’ll be sure to post them as soon as I get them.

What we’re looking forward to: Learning to love eating solids/purees. Winking smile Trying sippy cups. SPRING weather!


6 month comparison


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