Ford – 7 months

How on earth is Ford already 7 months? This can’t be. Please tell time to slow down!

IMG_0139It looks like he’s saying – “Guys, LOOK! I’m 7months old! S-E-V-E-N!”

He’s such a cute little bunny! I swear his hair is starting to go red. Then I look again and it’s blonde. Maybe he’ll end up strawberry blonde. Either way, he’s adorable. He’s such a snuggler – which this Momma loves. Developing more rolls (so yummy!)

Weight: No official weigh in this month, I’d guess somewhere close to 21 pounds.

Height: I’m sure he’s grown another inch! I swear he looks bigger every time he wakes up.

Doctor Appt: No appointment this month. His next well check isn’t until 9 months. And no sick visits this month either!

Nicknames: Baby Ford, Bubbie, Bub, Bubba, Mr Ford, Fordy Ford, Fordy McForderson, Stinker, FussBucket

Eating: This has been a little bit of a worry for me this month. He’s been such a consistent eater since he was born. Since introducing solids and him cutting teeth, he has not been eating (drinking) as much (his usual is 30-36 oz. a day, and we’ve had a couple days of 20-25 oz.). We’re just trying to nail down a schedule of feeding solids and make sure he’s eating/drinking enough. (though the rolls on his chunky little legs prove he is doing just fine.)


I spy a TOOTH!

Sleeping: Still an awesome sleeper. When he was cutting his first tooth there was a handful of nights that he was waking around 3am but after a diaper change and snuggles he was back to sleep for a few more hours like his normal schedule. He just recently started rolling over to his tummy in his crib. The last few mornings we have found him on his tummy when we go to wake him. But will not fall asleep on his tummy. 😉

Diapers: Rockin’ the size 3s.

Clothing: 6-12month and 9 month stuff. Thinking he’s going to be out of the 9 month stuff real shortly. He is seriously growing SO fast!

IMG_0150who you callin’ chunky?!

Social: He knows how to KISS! It is the most adorable thing. He’ll grab your face with both hands and give ya a big open mouth kiss. He likes to linger, too. 😉 And sometimes he’ll bite down (stinker!) and let me tell ya, his little tooth is like a razor blade! Babbling a little more, starting to imitate noises (like raspberries). Sits up really well on his own.


Likes: Pears! Loves bouncing in his exersaucer. Anything that lights up and/or plays music. Bath time (we took the infant insert out of his tub) and LOVES to splash and bang his toys on the side of the tub. Cuddling with Olivia.

Dislikes: Rice cereal. Peas. Bananas. Hunger (when he’s hungry, he wants to eat NOW).

IMG_0163Wanna see me take a header off the rocking chair?
no worries – I caught him before he fell.

Momma: Been busy packing up the apartment! Ugh. No fun! Trying to be good with workouts but it’s been tough trying to get the house packed. I’m up late packing & cleaning and then up early for work. I did manage to PR my deadlift last week at 225. Almost had 245!

Daddy: Turned the big 34! Been a busy bee with work (which is always a blessing!).

Fun things we did: House hunting (can be fun… and sometimes kind of dreadful). Celebrated Diz’s birthday.

What we’re looking forward to: Moving (into Grandma & Grandpa’s basement), buying a house, Easter, Cheering Grandma on while she runs the BOSTON MARATHON!


7 month comparison


2 thoughts on “Ford – 7 months

  1. Renee says:

    Ford is soo adorable. I look forward to reading your monthly updates of Ford because my son Jordan was born Sept 27th, a few weeks after Ford. Jordan weighs about the same and is about the same length. Therefore there are a lot of things they both have in common, especially with their development and the things they are getting into.


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